Is there an English colour that doesnt have the letter e in it

Is there an English colour that doesn’t have the letter “e” in it?

This is trivial.
Let’s take the E" being used a single time.
My favorite is RAJAH, which is a surprise to me that it is a color name more than human’s name common in sub-continent.
Just for curious minds; Rajah is a bright deep tone of saffron.

Too much scrolling but what’s your favorite one?
Answer Number Two: It's a comic made by people at spudart.
Yes! a comic because I feel this kind of questions should be answered in a similar way wherever or whenever asked.
:) Internet is a lovely place for riddles!

I have a color! And I didn’t even Google it, so kudos for me!
Also, I didn’t even check the other answers first, so I can name a color with no “e” in it.
Okay, so naturally I read this answer and I thought, yeah you’re right, loads of colors have “e”s in them! But there’s definitely a color that doesn’t have an “e” in it… I could just use Google to find one, right?
And then I thought, nah, I’m not gonna Google this one, I’m gonna sit here and think of one.
So I went through the basic color spectrum as I have it in my head (and don’t tell me that I have it the wrong way round or something, as that’s how I remember it)-
Unfortunately, I am not too bothered to extend my color spectrum past this, so I am left to come up with random colors.
I can think of:
I’ll admit that by this point I looked at my pencil case, so you can not count lilac if you like.
Gold, however, I thought of, and platinum came from that, although it might not strictly be a color.
And I didn’t check Google, I’m actually not being sarcastic this time!

Actually the motive behind this question making the rounds on various social media platforms is not to test your knowledge about colours or your proficiency in english.
It is simply a way to trick and outsmart people into wasting their time.
The question is phrased as “ 'Can you name' a colour that has the letter E in it.
” While your brain immediately charges up to remember all the colours you ever saw in life or others simply google it, the answer does not require any pre-requisite knowlege.
The one asking the question puts emphasis on the “can you name it” part and hence expects the answer to be of a yes/no form.
So if thought you were smart enough to outsmart the internet.
Well, think again.
And ofcoures, think illogically.

Here’s the list –
Now you must be saying wait wait wait, read the question again.
But I have read the question.
It asks about a color which doesn’t as letter “e” in it.
Actually no colors have any letters in it.
Their names have letters in them.
There is difference between “name of color” and “color”.
No color contains “e”.
Oh! I forgot to mention my favorite –
Edit : The question has been edited after I answered.

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