If you could go back in time and name your worst enemy as a baby what name would you give them to destroy their life

If you could go back in time and name your worst enemy as a baby, what name would you give them to destroy their life?

I think the most malicious and conniving thing I could do is name them after something they actually like and is a key feature of their personality, but would objectively be a terrible name.
I could, for example, rename Ethan James so that he is now called Venn Diagram.
They would end up resenting the very thing they would have otherwise loved.
Their whole identity would be different.
No one would ever look at them the same way again.
In the case of Ethan, his Quora reputation would be ruined: He couldn't roast people with Venn diagrams, if people were roasting him for being called Venn Diagram.
It's a pretty bad plan though.
People can easily just go by a different, more normal name and no one ever has to know the truth.
And getting time travel to actually work in the intended fashion might be mildly inconvenient.
Also Ethan isn't actually my worst enemy, just thought he'd make a good example (I'm sorry Ethan).
Having said that, Regression is superior to Venn diagrams and I would gladly accept a battle to the death or something to argue over it.

I don’t have any worst enemies now, since I mostly keep to myself.
I can hardly remember my past ones.
Back in school most of the classes were against me.
If I could figure one out, I don’t want to hurt it as a baby with a lousy name, but let out a name he/she hates but was called as a child, during a battle with that enemy as I did with a boy named Warren.
He gave me some crap on the school bus and the other kids encouraged him to get me more, so I called him Boppa, and reminded him how he cried years earlier when his family called him that.
Then all the name calling by him and others was off me and onto him! I’d hear his buddies call him that later times and they’d snicker at him and felt I got my enemy real good!
Get the pricks when they’re mean, not when they were babies is how I want to destroy them with bad namesake.

Horgras Parpensnipple.
It is a nonsensical name.
If the person is called by a nickname it could be Hor which no one would want to be known as.

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