How do you spell out the sound of a kiss

How do you spell out the sound of a kiss?

Mwah is the traditional sound-to-paper spelling for a kiss, though it is typically used more for an air kiss than a wet one.
Note that the dictionary's attempt to pronounce the word phonetically is not what the word suggests; when you read mwah, you are meant to imagine (or even vocalize) the sound of that bilabial air-sucking click.
This is not unlike tsk, which the dictionary attempts to pronounce as tisk, but which is really meant to represent the sound you make when, for example, you think what a pity or try to entice an animal to you.
Further reading:
There are languages in the Tuu and Kx'a language families of Southern Africa that use this sound.
So the International
This is how you pronounce it, in the word [2]
I don't think it's worth it, stick with an English approximation!

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