How do you say hi in Spanish

How do you say “hi” in Spanish?

Just as in English, “hi” can be expressed in many different ways in Spanish.
Largely, this depends on whom you are addressing.
Think about it – in English, you would address your mom differently from your friends and your friends differently from your teacher.
In general, “Hola” is used in all contexts and is equivalent to the English “hello.
It Is inherently polite.
How you follow up depends on whom you address.
For example:
“Hola, señora/señor X.
¿Cómo está usted?” Here we use the usted forms of verbs to show respect.

“¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?” or “¡Hola! ¿Qué te pasó?” Here we use casual forms and slang for “how are you?” The second example is addressed to one person only.
If you are addressing a group of friends, you should use the ustedes form (or the vosotros form if applicable – which it usually is not).
“¿Qué os pasó?”
You may also choose to opt “qué tal” or “qué te pasó” for another phrase based on where you or the speaker are from.
Since Spanish is so widely spoken, there are different ways to say the same thing based on dialect.
This is easiest to explain compared to use of the English “what’s up?” versus “how’s it hanging?” and so forth.
Good luck!
“Hola de nuevo” is a natural-sounding way to say "hello again” , if you find yourself needing to say such a phrase (which I’m sure that you at some point will!)
s thanks to Francisco Jiménez for correcting some of my errors with accents!

“Hola” is the closest and most common and universally understood by both beginners and native speakers.
If you want to get fancier…
“Qué tal!” (hey there)
“Buenos días/tardes/noches!” (Good morning/afternoon/night)
Or if you want to use a bit of mexican slang.
“Qué pedo!”
“Qué onda!”
“Qué rollo!” (this one can be used in a “what the fuck” sense, if you say it as a question instead of an expression, if that makes any sense)
These all mean roughly the same thing.
“Qué tal” is your best bet for more formal occasions, any of the slang ways if you’re comfortable around someone, or you could just say “Hola” and be understood perfectly fine.
No biggie.

Well, This is the most common and simple greeting in Spanish.
You can say “Hola” for this greeting.
See more at:-


Saludos – greetings
Buenos días – good morning
Buenas tardes – good afternoon
Buenas noches – good evening
Qué tal – how’s it goin
Qué pasa – whats goin on
Hola – hello
Holi – like “hey”
Ey – eyyyyy
Aló – hello? On the phone
Bueno? – hello? On the phone
Sí? – hello? On the phone
Diga? – hello? On the phone

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