How do you feel beautiful

How do you feel beautiful?

I want to empasize that number 3 and 4 is NOT about changing yourself, or hiding who you are.
It's about knowing the best of you, what you love about yourself, and embrace it to the world.
I struggled with body issues until I'm 19 years old.
I used to get bullied for my dark skin tone, wide hips, and built body.
The worst part is, it's the guys that bullies me.
The beauty standards here are having white skin, small body, and slim.
Now I'm 21, and I absolutely love the way I look.
What really helped me was my close friends that keep on telling me “you are beautiful.
” See how those three words really helped me? Start doing that to yourself, and to other people around you.

Practice! Practice practice practice.
I know it sounds ridiculous but you need to practice changing your mind set and view over yourself.
It doesn't happen over night.
You can start small if you wish, for example, every night look in the mirror and say something you appreciate about yourself, no matter how small.
For example, “Hello me, I really like the shape of your chin.
And go to bed.
It's really hard to learn to love yourself and most of us struggle with it.
Maybe there's something you could do to make yourself feel beautiful.
It's not for me, but some women enjoy experimenting with different make up styles to boost their confidence.
Male or female, many go to the gym to either bulk up or add a curvy shape to their body (yes, muscles add a healthy curve without looking bulky) which boosts their coincidence so much they can't stop staring at themselves in the mirror 😉
Find a strategy that works for you and stick to it.
Don't lose hope if you don't see results straight away, it can take many years!

Well, some people may not agree with me on this one, but I think I’m beautiful .
I also think everyone else is.
Everyone is beautiful in a unique way.
I don’t think there is a way of measuring beauty.
It just is.
It’s there in every-single one of us humans, in animals, even in objects, even in thoughts and concepts.
Some people can’t see it.
But it doesn’t matter, because it will always be there.
So for me, being beautiful is normal.
I feel blessed to be alive.
I feel blessed that God gave me an opportunity to experience life.
And I feel blessed that all the atoms, molecules … and all my cells came together so I may be a whole organism and experience life.
What are the odds! It’s just beautiful.
I’m happy.
I don’t care if another person can’t see my beauty.
Because, I can and I know its there.
And that is enough.
I’m content.
Any ways, that is how I see beauty.

I have never felt beautiful physically but at 50 plus ive also realised that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Physical beauty really isnt so important.
Have you ever met someone you consider beautiful or not so attractive.
But once you have got to know them, their personality, sence of humour intellegence.
Their looks fade in your eyes as you start to see the real person not the exterior and all at once people dont look so physically attractive or look more physically attractive in other cases.
Dont pick out your faults but rather see yourself through others eyes… others see beauty where we ourselfs dont.

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