How do you change the world in one day

How do you change the world in one day?

Remove money.
World would change.
Maybe this would be a very big change giving happiness to everyone.
Or this would be a complete disaster.

My first idea was: you can’t.
The world is too big to change in one day.
Then i thought: every action i take changes the world.
Not dramatically, and mostly unnoticably to my fellow earthlings, but it does.
I change the world around me by greeting people in a positive way, by respecting the traffic rules, By every action I take.
I could even say i change the world by every action i do not take.
If you can content yourself with small changes around you, you can change the world, every minute.

To change the world………….
I will change myself- the world will automatically chaange for me.

Get out of bed, wash, dress, eat breakfast, and get to work.

Blow up the moon…

Updated: 29.06.2019 — 11:47 am

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