How do people in the world see Indonesia

How do people in the world see Indonesia?

Being Dutch, I see Indonesia as the country that got effed over mercilessly and shamelessly by “my” country.
The Netherlands still haven’t quite come to terms with their colonial past, which includes nice things such as forced labor and murder on a large scale.
Besides this, my knowledge of Indonesia is rather limited.
I know that Islam is the dominant religion, Indonesian nature is beautiful and the food is amazing; things your basic ignorant tourist would know.
And, lastly but actually firstly, there’s the warmth and hospitality of the Dutch-Indonesian people I personally know, which never fails to melt my cold, Dutch heart.

My colleagues always answer with this one answer:
Indonesia is cheap!
Singaporeans go to Indonesia to get cheap food, cheap massage, cheap clothes, cheap holiday in short, you name it.
It used to be almost exclusively Batam and Bintan or Bali but now they are more adventurous and even know about bandung (why all these places start with B?? No idea).
I've got a colleague who was so hooked up with Indonesian spicy Sambal that she kept asking me to buy her one whenever I went back.

I think most Australians see Bali as holiday paradise.
A corrupt civil service.
And a worrying source of militant Islam.
I think Indonesian girls are the sweetest in the world.
The most lethal ex SF guy gone beserk was Indonesian, 39 kills I think.
Indonesian warriors won AASAM war fighting competition a few years ago.
Indonesia conducted the most brilliantly effective ‘genocide' against communists in late 1960’s, nearly a million killed I think.
There was an up close and personal confrontation between Indos and Chinese illegal fishers in the last 12 months.
Overwhelming Chinese assets made it a one sided battle but I don't think we've heard the last of that.
I think the rest of the world underestimates Indonesia.

I'm Indonesian and been lucky enough to work on few other continents.
Each person from whatever country may have their own perception about Indonesia either positive or negative.
Nevertheless I always try to leave who ever encountered me as Indonesian with positive perception about my country by doing the best at what I'm doing.
Fortunately most of them have been impressed by what an Indonesian can do \U0001f609

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