How do I write a short story in 7 days

How do I write a short story in 7 days?

day 1: spend the whole day finding the right idea and building it into a story-outline.
It might take more than a day and that’s fine.
It requires a lot of thinking.
day 2: draw pictures of the characters in your mind and plan how the story is going to play on paper.
Write the story down as small points or bullets.
day 3 – 5: write the story down.
Do not worry much about grammar and punctuation (well, worry a little though) and just let everything flow.
This is Hemingway’s ‘write drunk’ part.
See how your story looks.
Make changes if necessary.
make tonal changes.
Play with time frames.
Do whatever you think can spice up your work.
day 4: Here comes the ‘edit sober’ part.
Carefully go through each and every line.
Check for grammatical errors, punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, etc.
Make it as error-free as possible.
day 5: It’s warm and ready.
Read the whole thing.
See if it makes you feel the things you had intended it to make the reader feel.
Make someone trustworthy and qualified (and not just any friend who would praise you anyway) and take his/her opinion into consideration.
You will understand if you need to give it a few finishing touches or if it is great as it is.
There you go.
Do post a story if you write.
I am sure it will be a great read!

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