How do I speak Spanish faster

How do I speak Spanish faster?

There are certain recommendations from the experts, that have helped millions of people learn a foreign language.
I share here 15 essential tips that will help you learn Spanish faster.
Live your life through Spanish

Don’t study Spanish, but live your life through Spanish and use it as a tool of communication from this day on.
Learning Spanish is not just acquiring grammar and vocabulary; languages are means for communication between humans.
Your objective for learning Spanish should be speaking with others!
Don't be afraid of making mistakes

Dare to speak in Spanish and don't be afraid of making mistakes when you speak.
Everyone makes mistakes, even in their own language.
Remember: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

Don’t study grammar

[1] which uses a "See it, Hear it, Say it" write it technique of taking basic Spanish classes.
To "see it, hear it" say it teaches pronunciation.
If a word cannot be pronounced it will not be remembered.
to jot it helps the scholar assume in Spanish.
To assume in Spanish is that the target.
Following are the three Level of modules:

Listen to music, sing along with it.
Please no reaggeton! Oh well do use it if you like it.
But get involved with music, words and rithm.

simply by listening and practicing it daily you can start speaking very soon.

Watch movies
Listen music
Chat with friends
Write your thoughts in Spanish
Travel in Spanish countries

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