How do I solve world problems

How do I solve world problems?

Step 1: Resolve the world’s problems by first completely resolving a region’s problems.
A region’s problems can be resolved by having a nonprofit university carry-out the “perfect public offerings” of the utility companies and other important infrastructures (i.
agriculture, healthcare, transportation, construction, etc.
) within its surrounding region.
Imagine nonprofit universities completely owning and operating these infrastructures as a byproduct of the public education process – where every business is an extension of the relative academic department of the university – “work is education in motion.

Many of the socio economic problems within a region can be naturally resolved as a byproduct of this relationship between a university and the important infrastructures of its region.
(Note: more larger socio economic problems – nature conservancy, environment, climate change, wildlife, war, immigration, etc.
– can be resolved by as a byproduct of integrating/networking/assimilating different cooperating regions).
Step 2: Globally convey/showcase how the region resolved its socio economic problems – thereby inducing logic and peer-pressures which encourage global assimilation.
Allow the region to be a “role model,” or “working template” for other regions.
Most (if not all global trends/assimilation) are established by first conveying a “role model” ( or example) which appeals to the the larger public – thus inducing logic and peer-pressures that encourage cooperation in the trend.
By globally showcasing how a single region can resolve its socio economic problems, other regions will be more inclined to mimic the processes – thus, eventually, “solving the word’s problems.

BUT: Before you begin Step 1, you must first:
Read and share the white paper entitled: “How To Solve Problems in the Life Sciences
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