How do I burn my diary

How do I burn my diary?

Girl you don't want to do that.
I wanted to burn mine after my sister kept on reading it.
But then I decided to RIP out the pages and duct tape them.
then straight into the dustbin.
Then I started a new diary writing everything in quotes poetry and using no names.
Thus she can never understand what I'm writing.
Adopt a creative way to conceal it in plain sight.
like I did/do.

I presume you mean burn onto a disc.
Get some blank discs from say Poundland.
,Save / copy your diary to a separate file in case something goes wrong and you accidently erase it.
Then simply click on it and click burn.
you may need to ensure it’s not too long for the c.
Good luck.
bTW, ask google for more informed answer.

Updated: 25.06.2019 — 1:56 pm

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