How disliked is Barack Obama

How disliked is Barack Obama?

The dislike (and love…) for Obama in the UK both equally strong (well more dislike).
Due to his arrogants by threatening the UK to remain in the EU, however I cannot thank him enough for.
He did not realise we do not take kindly to being told what to do, especially by someone from a different country.
Those who were sitting on the fence gave Obama the finger and voted leave down to principle.
This wasn't enough normally to sway many, however when he removed Winston Churchill from the Oval office basically saying ‘I hate Britain’, then going to Germany and the EU rather than the UK.
Showed his huge bias to the Eu, with the dislike for the UK as well meant we knew he was in it for America’s gain only.
So we are glad the worst president has left, that the Democrats did not get in either as they were aiming to destroy the ‘special relationship’ we have had with the USA for decades.
Trying to be friends with the Eu.
So America, we look forward to working with you once again.
To make the USA and Britain great again.

Updated: 24.06.2019 — 8:24 pm

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