How did your writing change someones life

How did your writing change someone’s life?

Nothing like hearing from people (strangers) who tell you how a few words you wrote changed their lives.
It’s quite a magical thing! Just this morning I received a message from a user Singapore thousands of miles away! People seem to really appreciate Success In The Valley: Confessions Of Silicon Valley’s Elites To An Uber Driver.

These are just some examples which make my day.
My friends tell me I’m wasting my time educating people about wealth , and success but they don’t understand that I would never have come this far if my riders (perfect strangers) didn’t change my life.
You can change someone’s life with your words too! Let’s do this !
Rogue Uber Driver
The Richest, Most BadA$$ Uber Driver Ever!

It’s funny because I consider myself a struggling writer but the THING I wrote that changed someone was actually a sympathy card for a coworker.
His Grandmother had passed away.
He was a good friend as well.
And I knew how important she had been to him.
So I had to put real thought into it.
I wrote, “Remember her as she was and look forward to the day you see her again.

He made dire to come and thank me after he received the card from all of us.
It had obviously made an impact for the better.
I was elated that I something I did could help ease the pain of such a difficult time for a friend.

When I owned my business in New Albany, MS 'Writer's Corner'.
An elderly man came in with a stack of handwritten old-time stories about MS.
Anyway, not only did I edit for publication but I helped him get a weekly spot in a local newspaper.
The thanks in his book to me and a renewed happiness in his life was wonderful.

My novel The Day That Dusty Died resonated very strongly with women who had been sexually abused by their fathers.
One of my daughters had her book stolen from her by a friend.
She knew who took and why, and never confronted the thief.
I just gave my daughter a new copy.

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