How did Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential Election

How did Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential Election?

If you don’t understand how Trump could win before Nov.
8th, I totally understand you.
If you still don’t understand how Trump won now, you have a serious arrogance and ignorance problem.
I would assume you, the reader to this answer, live in a urban area in either Northeast or the West Coast, college educated, a typical left-wing supporter and advocator for your entire life.
That’s nice.
You work in the office with HVAC on 24/7/365.
You go to gym after work, watching news from CNN or NBC on the treadmill.
Then you eat your dinner out somewhere with a friend, probably not cooking at home.
Sometimes you fly between NYC/Boston and LA/SFO for business.
When you look down from the plane window and see those endless farmlands and mountains in the midwest, you are thinking “I can’t imagine living a life down there.

When you saw Trump won, you were shocked.
Holy shit! There’s not a single person around me who supports Trump, how could he win?
That’s where the problem is.
You are living in a completely different world than those Trump supporters.
When you refuel your car, have you ever wondered where the gas comes from, if not imported? Who drilled the oil for you?
When you charge your phone, have you ever wondered where the electricity comes from? Who dug the coal to power the plant?
When you shop in the supermarket, have you ever wondered where the fresh vegetables and fruits come from? Who drove the truck all the way from California to New York to deliver those goods?
Those are the people who support Donald Trump.
Have you ever talked to any one of them?
Without you, they can still feed themselves, but without them, you will be starved to death.
You don’t know how to grow crops, and you dare not to kill a chicken.
So now how could you despise them as “uneducated redneck racists”?
When they watch the news, even when watching Fox News, the camera is always on the big cities far away from them.
They are ignored, as if they don’t exist in this country.
No one pays attention to them, and no one speaks for them, until Donald Trump.
They could drive a truck for $8k a month 20 years ago working 60 hours a week, but now the illegal immigrants are willing to do it at $3k.
They lost their jobs.
They could work in a factory for $4k a month 20 years ago, but now the job goes to China and Mexico when the workers there make $500 a month.
They lost their jobs.
You can’t urge a 40-year-old man with a high school diploma having a family to raise to go to college again and learn programming or investment banking.
He can’t and he can’t afford.
You also can’t say in 10 years robots are doing the job for them and they should just vanish because their minds and skills don’t follow the era.
They are human beings.
They are also lovely nice people.
They don’t hate you.
They work hard so you can live a comfortable life.
Why do you hate them? Why do you label them as racist deplorables and xenophobic bigots without even knowing how hard their lives are?
When they are losing jobs and falling into poverty, they don’t know what to do.
They stay at home and turn on the TV and see Obama and Hillary speaking on ABC News: “The biggest problem our society now facing is climate change.

They may voted for Obama 8 years ago and hoped him to bring change to their life, but they could only sigh when they see this.
So they switch to Fox News and see Donald Trump speaking on his rally in Detroit, MI: “We need to rebuild our inner cities, we need to bring jobs back.
” They follow him and say: “YES! Let’s make America great again!”
When they saw Obama visiting NYC after hurricane Sandy in 2012, but was playing golf when the devastating flood in Louisiana destroyed thousands of homes this summer, they knew they were forgotten.
However, when they saw Trump visiting Louisiana after the flood, a state that he didn’t need to campaign at all, they knew someone actually cared for them.
If you are them, who will you vote for?
They are the silent majorities.
They live in your flyover states.
They don’t care about LGBT or BLM.
They are not racist or homophobic.
They just want jobs to feed their families.
Please throw away your arrogance and start to care about those people.
They are Americans too.
They might be more American than you are, since many of your clients and customers are foreign.
They have no methods to let you hear them.
All the medias don’t speak for them, all the celebrities don’t pay attention to them.
All the career politicians don’t represent them.
The only weapon they have are their ballots.
They vote to knock you out of your utopia.
That’s the power of democracy.
That’s why democracy is great.
It never ignores anyone.
If you believe your value is progressive and right, you need to help them getting out of their trouble first.
You can’t blame and mock them.
It will only push them away from you even more.
Trump has been a democrat longer than republican in his life.
He has married 3 times, agrees with progressive income tax, has been pro-choice in most of his life and pro-LGBT all the time.
The only hardcore conservative thing I can think of him is anti-alcohol.
However, he could still defeat 16 truly conservative republican candidates and won more votes in the primaries than anyone else in the history.
This has already proven that the silent majorities are much more tolerant now on social issues.
They just want someone to fix the economy for them.
Now it’s your chance to work with them, help them under the 4 years of Trump’s presidency.
Stop protesting and introspect yourself.
Isn’t your arrogance and ignorance that brought Trump to the White House?

Her, and the DNC establishment, and the media that supported her.
The democratic establishment was told, time and time again, not to run this dead horse of a candidate.
They insisted on it, and now they pay the price.
The DNC deserves every ounce of what happened to them.
Any other candidate would have beat Trump, but the powers that be arrogantly bought their own narrative that Hillary Clinton was an electable candidate.
We will all pay the price for that.
Edit: I forgot about her basket of deplorables! Added some points to the list.
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How did Donald Trump win the election, despite Hillary Clinton winning more popular votes?
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The fact is that Trump was always winning, it’s just that Clinton News Network (CNN), its cronies and the left liberals refused to acknowledge that.
Opinion polls never gave a true picture.
A 9 year old kid in US, who was wearing a Trump cap in school was asked to remove it as fellow students started making hate comments on him, just for supporting Trump.
The school, instead of asking fellow students to respect the opinion of their friend, asked him to remove the cap.
Aditya Tiwari's answer to What will happen to India-U.
relations after Trump assumed Presidency?

 Hope he does well, and is able to stand up to his promise to :

Hate him or love him, you have to admit that Donald Trump is effective.
Over the last year, Trump has transformed himself from circus clown into the President of the United States.
This has left the media, and most of my friends, perplexed.
How could a bombastic, aggressive reality TV star become the leader of the free world? However, to someone trained in the behavioral sciences, his rise makes sense.
Trump has masterfully tweaked dozens of different persuasion triggers, and has shaped the media narrative to make him seem as important, and popular, as possible.
In the following article I’m going to go through Trump’s persuasion tactics.
I’ll explain which psychological tactics he uses, how each of them works, and provide clear examples (when possible).
By the end of this article, you’ll either be incredibly happy or unbelievably distraught, but wiser for the journey.
A quick note: I am indebted to [1] Its just that lots of votes are still getting counted in California, New York and DC.
What is clear is that Trump didn’t get more votes than Romney in 2012.
Source: Domenico Montanaro / NPR
Is it only me that thinks this implies Trumps political insurgency message was no more powerful than Romney’s white men and rich folks alliance?
I’m not here to argue over the electoral college.
Fact is four states decided the election and I think they tell three different stories.
Data: US Election Atlas
Florida is the story Trump will like the most.
It is Trump the Winner.
People in Florida cared and voted in record numbers.
They gave him a 1.
2% lead.
Wisconsin is the Hillary the Loser story.
Trump’s vote was DOWN on Romney.
Trump won because Hillary couldn’t get as many voters to the polls as Obama.
Hillary lost by 24k votes.
Michigan is a bit like Hillary the loser, but is probably more similar to Pennsylvania.
It is indicating a Trump lead of 13k votes.
Pennsylvania is the story of Obama voters switching to Trump.
His preliminary lead is 66k.
By my calculation 102k voters is what won Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and probably Michigan for Trump.
That’s the 50k-ish swing that could have given Hillary victory.
That is tiny.
Its basically the Hoosier’s Memorial Stadium.
I think of it as 15k people who really understand that Obama’s legacy is going to get scrapped if Trump wins – and who go home after work and grab their family and say we’re gonna spend the evening queuing.
You can say that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump.
But then you have to address whether Bloomberg would have run and left the election wide open for Trump.
I’d argue that these numbers put a fork in the argument that Hillary was an inevitable loser.
The context to the US electoral system seems pretty clear.
All the demographics are going against the Republicans, but their demographic votes consistently.
How this works out is a clear Republican lead in the House of Representatives, and an ability for the Democrats to take the Presidency at will.
When I say that I mean that I am pretty confident that Obama would have beaten Trump.
Hillary is a charisma free zone.
I actually like her.
I’d even argue that her loss proves that it isn’t House of Cards political maneuvering that has got her to being an excellent Secretary of State and dull presidential nominee.
It was competence.
If she was any good at politics per se she would really have run Trump over.
The unhappy half of the country have got their man into the White House.
I really hope he delivers, because the alternative is worse.
As the Republicans have the Senate and the House, he can do almost anything within the scope of the Constitution.
He has no excuses.
I remember back in early 2005 being on a flight from London to New York.
I was sat next to a clever doctor making small talk conversation.
It moved over to politics and Bush.
To her dismay I said that 2004 wasn’t like 2000 with the hanging chads, Bush was literally the president most Americans wanted.
She immediately stopped speaking to me.
Every four years the US election gets angrier and angrier.
Every four years it proves the two Americas are living further and further apart.
People need to live in each others shoes more.
Industrial areas are getting savaged but you can no more turn back globalization than uninvent the Internet.
Black people are getting shot by the police officers who should be protecting them.
And they were getting shot under a BLACK president.
Trump is an earthquake and I hope it doesn’t simply continue the sequence of anger.
Its time to reach out and start talking and understanding.
And all this is happening as the high speed train of mass automation is coming right at us.
What is the world going to look like when we’re all traveling around in driver-less Uber’s and another couple more million truck and taxi drivers are out of work?
Source: NPR
We need to stop getting angry, and either start inventing or start planning.

I wanted to wait until I had a working computer to write this answer and didn’t have to type this on my phone.
Get ready folks, this has been brewing for days.
I’m going to preface this answer by talking about who I do not credit/blame for him being elected who many other people do credit/blame.
The Working Class
Many people have dedicated long answers to talking about how Donald appealed to the working class, championed their cause and how they ultimately voted for him as a silent majority.
They blame liberals for ignoring these blue collar, hard-working Americans.
None that I have read so far actually have any links or sources providing evidence that these are actually the people who voted for Trump.
There’s a lot of lip service paid to their plight and blame aimed at liberals for not paying attention to them but they kind of miss the key point of actually providing proof that these are the voter demographics who turned out for Trump.
Well what the statistics actually show is quite a different story.
Those who voted for Trump had on average, a higher income and education level than the general American population in the primary election.
Lauren Campbell's answer to Why do 40% of millenials support government censorship of hate speech in the U.
? And should this be troubling?

I told you, just simply censoring beliefs that are prejudicial is not going to cut it.
You have to actually address the underlying problems or else we end up with the illusion of a tolerant society, while the racism, sexism and homophobia still lies underneath the surface.
I told you that simply making those things more difficult to say does not get rid of those beliefs and that if we actually want a tolerant society, we have to address the prejudice that still lies here.
No, no no you said.
Just make it illegal to say those things and all our problems will be solved.
Well, sorry, that’s not how it worked out and I tried to tell you that a long time ago.
If you want a tolerant society you actually have to do the work that entails creating one.
You have to address racism and sexism and homophobia and you have to educate people about issues of oppression.
No, it’s not your job, you don’t have to do it but then you also can’t claim to be some kind of advocate of equality.
Too many advocates these days sit in an echo chamber and talk to the people who agree with them already.
They are not willing to delve into the center of the opposition and start trying to spread their message there and if not, then what are you really fighting anyways by talking to the converted?
And you also can’t just act like the people who are racist, sexist or homophobic are just bad people, inside and out.
A lot of the people who hold those beliefs, hold them because of bad experiences they suffered that led to them having confirmation bias or that just being the way that they were raised.
They do not see themselves as being bad people through and through and they often are not.
Labeling them as “deplorables” and insulting them does not help.
Yes, obviously if one of these people is just being nasty for the sake of being nasty then you are not going to feel inclined to discuss with them.
But if they are genuinely asking questions, trying to understand why gay marriage is an important right, or dealing with fear of entering the restroom with a trans person, simply mouthing off at them is not going to help.
Educating them helps.
Talking to them like they are a human being helps.
Yes standing against those people who do not want to change is a valiant effort but simply being mean to people who are genuinely struggling to understand why certain things that were not okay for a large portion of their lifetime suddenly is okay is not helping the cause.
Illegal Immigration: Furthermore, this insistence that being against illegal immigration is “racist” has got to stop.
Having open borders is an option with some positives and negatives like any other option.
Other people simply disagreeing with this option does not make them racist.
Countries absolutely do have the right to decide who enters and exits their country.
When a country has a law that says that entering illegally its a problem, then yes, people are going to object when people enter illegally anyways.
That doesn’t make them racist or xenophobic.
Immigration is in need of reform, a lot of people agree on that.
Rather than making it an argument, how about offer some solutions and try to work together?
Bernie Sanders and the DNC: Furthermore, during this election there was a huge anti-establishment movement.
Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump tapped into that.
Bernie Sanders did so in a way that did not insult minorities, women, etc.
He throughout his career has been pro-equality, supportive of civil rights and of women’s rights.
But the DNC conspired against Sander’s from the start.
They did not want him to win and democrats supported them in this process.
You accused him of not being supportive of racial equality when in fact he did have a track record of being actively involved in the civil rights movement and was even arrested at a protest.
The narrative sung by the DNC and supported by democrats was that Bernie has been apathetic to racial equality and didn’t do very much to advance in.
This is simply untrue.
Anonymous's answer to How can a Bernie Sanders supporter prove they're not sexist to a Hillary supporter?
These underhanded tactics were used to make Hillary look more marketable than Sander’s and get her to win the nomination.
There were a lot of sneaky underhanded tactics used to keep Sander’s from getting the nomination but I don’t need to list them here.
The point is when things like this were done to try and defeat Sander’s by calling into question his beliefs on racial and gender equality, none of which were in any way objectionable, then yeah it might have provided ammunition to Trump supporter’s to deny that the accusations leveled against Trump were actually true.
I do think the DNC wanted people to think Sander’s was sexist and apathetic to racial equality and encouraged that message to be promoted and the fact that you supported it, is pretty bad.
You chose at the height of anti-establishment sentiment to elect one of the most establishment candidates there could possibly be.
You trashed on Sander’s supporters who were upset by his defeat and chastised and lectured them to try and convince them to vote for your candidate.
Which by the way, many of us did.
Gee, might there be a better way to convince people to your side other than lambasting them for being upset and telling them that if they don’t do what you want, they’re being bad people?You completely ignored and dismissed the valid reasons someone may not want to vote for Hillary and simply shouted “but Trump!” at us.
I agreed, Trump was bad but there were some people who had serious reservations about Clinton and you could have stopped those reservations by reaching out to those people instead of dangling the threat of Trump over their heads.
It’s just plain insulting now, after you didn’t show up to vote for your own candidate.
That is the height of hypocrisy and yes, I do think Sander’s could have won if he had been the nominee instead.
Flip-Flopping: And what gets me even more is that simply losing has made you completely change your tune.
First it was that Trump supporter’s are racist, now, suddenly, you’re falling over yourself apologizing to the mythological “working class” frustrated voters who fictionally elected Trump into office.
Others of you have fled the country in droves.
How is this supposed to inspire trust and faith in you to lead this country as a party? When you lose, you simply flee the country.
And when you lose, you completely back track on everything you said and start buying into a mantra about working class people that isn’t even true.
The big problem is that democrats have been portrayed as not having any backbone, of being offended by everything and your behavior after this election has only solidified that perception of you.
You didn’t stick to anything you said after you lost the election, you completely changed your tune, or just ran away.
See my “Winning Rules out Prejudice” section for more.
The Republicans
You were right about the democrats.
Some of them at least.
There were some who could be brought to hysterics over the tiniest of issues, who shouted “racism” and “sexism” over the smallest of disagreements and used these types of tactics to make their opposition look bad, rather than addressing the meat of their arguments.
They demanded safe spaces and rejected intellectual diversity, were triggered by mere disagreements and ignored the valid concerns of some voters and instead tried to make them appear like something entirely different.
For some, their response to disagreement and debate was to name-call and become hysterically offended over small issues.
They believed being offended was more important than anything else including factual debate.
Here’s the thing though, despite all of these ludicrous short-comings on behalf of the left, they still, per your own admission, managed to silence you, didn’t they?
I have read, quite shocked, as conservative writers and Trump supporters have taken to Quora to write about being “silenced” by the left.
Within the same breath as admitting to this “silencing” they then proceeded to criticize the left for their absurd tactics, weak arguments and false sense of entitlement or moral superiority.
Frankly, you presented your opponents as being hysterical, emotionally driven cry babies and then proceeded to discuss how those hysterical, emotionally driven cry babies still managed to defeat and silence you for literally years at a time.
Oh but you are supposedly qualified to lead a country, you the people who retreated into silence because you got name-called.
The Silent Majority: Let’s delve into this for a moment.
Many of you seem so proud of the term “the silent majority”.
Why would you be proud of something like this?
What you are saying is that the majority of people were silenced by the minority, who you describe in your own words as being easily-offended and obnoxious? Why would the majority of people with supposedly reasonable beliefs be so silenced by a minority of people with allegedly unreasonable beliefs? Why would you take pride in something like that?
Then we shift to the reality that this isn’t even true.
Donald Trump won the election due to winning states with more electoral votes.
Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, ie, the number of people voting for her, so therefore Trump supporters are actually still the minority.
Lauren Campbell's answer to Have you changed your mind on gun control? If so, why?
The democrats mainly want to put some regulations in place to ensure that guns don’t end up in the hands of the wrong people.
These regulations include things like background checks and psych evaluations.
The collective war cry from the right at any mention of gun control however, is THEY’RE TRYING TO TAKE OUR GUNS AWAY AND REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT!
This isn’t true, it’s a strawman.
But any mention of gun control is automatically meant with accusations of being anti-gun.
A lot of liberals own guns themselves and are not anti-gun.
They are anti-gun violence.
Sex Education: Comprehensive sex education has been associated with a delay in the onset of vaginal intercourse and a lower rate of teen pregnancy.
Abstinence-only education in comparison is associated with neither of these things.
Those who receive abstinence-only education usually still have sex and just do so in a less safe manner.
It’s not uncommon for tabloids to rely on tips, so Donald cut out the middleman and made sure they were getting the stories that he wanted them to tell; tidbits that would reinforce his preferred public image.
It’s a “fake it ’til you make it” tactic that is not outlandish for an unscrupulous PR person, but reeks of desperation from the would-be celebrity himself.
Ultimately, Mr.
Trump found success in gaining tabloid attention through his marriages and messy divorces.
This foothold of notoriety gave way to further exploitation, as evidenced in this [2]
Reality TV
When Survivor creator Mark Burnett decided to create a new show that could keep him home in New York City, and out of the jungle, he identified Donald Trump as the bombastic character who could hold the center of that show.
While Donald Trump was, initially, reluctant to sign on due to the lowly regarded perception of reality TV and its participants, the fact that it could serve as a vehicle to craft and promote a self-designed image to the world changed his mind … and soon became his most powerful resource.
People who are close to reality TV understand that it is fake.
It presents a curated, choreographed, and largely scripted story under the guise of “reality”.
Donald Trump, before The Apprentice, was a businessman of questionable success (many would say a “failed businessman”), with a string of bankruptcies under his belt.
[4] His biggest success was not in business, but in promoting his own image and becoming a household name with his over-the-top persona and tabloid activities.
With Mark Burnett’s help, and NBC’s incredible reach and influence in the average, American home, Donald Trump’s image was remade.
Suddenly, millions of primetime TV viewers were meeting a captain of industry, a titan of the boardroom, an infallible leader with the power to promote excellence or fire with impunity, a being of unlimited resources and unquestioned savvy, a television god.
Everyone wished they could be this man, but only one person enjoyed that incredible fortune — Donald Trump, the lucky man chosen to play this character.
Not surprisingly, because this creation shared Donald Trump’s name, and the program fell under the misunderstood genre of Reality TV, millions of impressionable Americans began to confuse actual reality with TV reality, otherwise known as “fiction”.
The fictional Donald Trump’s image was reinforced for over a decade in a highly rated (but not the highest rated) TV series.
In that time, Donald Trump parlayed his mainstream notoriety into a successful licensing business (wherein one is paid to have their name attached to buildings, products, services, etc.
), and the beginnings of a social media following that would soon find purpose.
Fox New and Rightwing Media
Donald Trump’s entry into politics was made possible by rightwing media.
They don’t own him.
They can’t control him.
But Donald Trump the politician (or elected leader) is largely their creation.
Rightwing media has existed for generations, but, on September 11th, 2001, America turned on 24-hour news and never turned it off.
Fox News was perfectly positioned to seize this opportunity and grow both their ratings and influence to unprecedented heights.
Of course, it’s hard to fill 24 hours with news, day after day, week after week, but opinion is easy.
Viewers may have tuned in for the former, but they stuck around for the latter, and, much like reality vs.
Reality TV, they had a hard time recognizing the difference.
Fox News is really, really good at translating basic, human, evolutionary, survival traits into ratings, so fear, anger, hatred, and paranoia became a feedback loop from the TV screens, to the minds of viewers, to society-at-large, back to the TV, amplifying political toxicity and eliminating the middle ground in favor of binary politics.
With us, or against us.
Tribalism in its ancient glory.
In the years since 9/11, we have seen Fox News blur the lines between politics and entertainment more and more, just as effortlessly as they have blurred news and opinion.
People like Mike Huckabee may have failed on the campaign trail, but they can always count on parlaying their notoriety from participating into a role on Fox News.
Have you noticed how the Republican primary has become more crowded, and more over-the-top with every campaign cycle? Could it be that these politicians are using presidential campaigns as a casting call for Fox News? There may be one president at a time, but, thanks to Fox News, almost everyone gets to be a winner.
Of course, there’s also Sarah Palin, a darling of Fox News and rightwing media, who took things one step further by becoming an actual Reality TV star.
Her failed attempt to become Vice President under John McCain may have put her on the map, but Fox News and rightwing media raised her profile to the point that a Reality TV series was possible.
When a politician makes the leap to Reality TV, is it so difficult to imagine a Reality TV star making the leap in reverse?
Right wing media’s embrace of baseless conspiracy theories is another factor that aligns its megaphone with Donald Trump’s mouth.
This gave Donald Trump a platform to promote birtherism, the racist anti-Obama conspiracy theory that provided a foundation for Trump’s political career, and a bridge to Fox News viewers preprogrammed to despise and mistrust all things ‘Obama’.
It is also worth noting that Fox News and right-wing media are not the only media sources guilty of giving Donald Trump an out-sized platform.
Traditional media outlets continue to give Trump constant attention, just as they did during the 2016 presidential campaign.
The seem to be addicted to his bombastic personality, unbelievable antics, and the ratings that they drive.
While traditional outlets might not spin Trump’s propaganda as fact, they are absolutely guilty of giving him an unfair and unparalleled level of attention during the 2016 campaign that almost certainly had a significant impact on his election.
Trump played them, and they played along.
Social Media
It’s not at all surprising that a man who started his career by feeding “tips” about himself to tabloids, who, later, found fabulous success with a manufactured, idealized image of himself through Reality TV, before soaking himself in the binary, political discourse of rightwing media, would recognize the value of social media.
With this tool, he could distribute any story without a middleman, promote any image that he wanted people to see him as, and spark extreme and voluminous conversation, directing mob-like attacks against those he perceives as ideological opposites or adversaries.
Remember the days when Donald Trump would fire off a Tweet calling Rosie O’Donnell fat, or ugly, or something similarly juvenile? It got people talking.
It got people to pay attention to him.
It was virtually effortless.
It worked.
What worked for Fox News? Feuding with President Obama.
[6] This supercharged their ratings, united their viewers, and gave Republican candidates and elected officials their mandates; either adopt the extreme, binary viewpoints we have promoted to our viewers, or those viewers, who are also your base, will support a different candidate who will not hesitate to do so.
Through brilliance, instinct, or sheer luck, Donald Trump combined his talent for juvenile, attention-gaining attacks, Fox News’s art of anti-Obama messaging and race-baiting, and Twitter’s unfiltered engine of communication and conversational amplification to crossover from celebrity to legitimate political force.
Fox News may have been the network of anti-Obama, but Trump’s ceaseless attacks on the sitting president and his promotion of the birther conspiracy theory made Donald Trump the persona of anti-Obama.
Naturally, this persona was the perfect mascot for the legions of viewers/voters groomed by Fox News.
While Fox News may be able to contain and control politicians who rely on their airwaves, Donald Trump’s celebrity and over-the-top antics allowed him to build a social media following that could reach their viewers, and the Republican base, with or without their help, or blessing.
If Fox News is Dr.
Frankenstein, Donald Trump is their monster, breaking free from the lab, unbound by the rules of society or allegiance to his creators.
What is Donald Trump?
Donald Trump is an opportunist with an unparalleled instinct for self-promotion who has reaped borderline unbelievable rewards from the unpredictable, unrelated collision of influential forces that take advantage of curious (and dangerous) human traits.
Donald Trump is …
How Did Donald Trump win the presidency?
It takes tremendous talent, timing, and luck to spin a harmless curiosity, an over-the-top pitchman, a caricature of 1980s-style American greed, a B-list celebrity, a reality TV character into a political movement, let alone a president.
It also takes a concerted effort, and Donald Trump is the conductor of that orchestra, shaping the noise of tabloids, reality TV, right-wing media, and social media into his opus.

The questions and answers on Quora in regards to Trump are a textbook-dream case of how the vast majority of people, including the most intelligent, base their opinions on tradition and wishful thinking and are incapable of breaking out of groupthink.
I’m going to try, one last time, with even more new data, to show that any objective analysis points toward a massive win this fall by Donald Trump.
First, polls show that Americans lean toward the following three factions: Republicans 29%, Democrats 29%, Independents 42%.
The question is, what are the Independents going to do?
The July 28 Wikileaks poll of 117,060 people asks: “Who will you vote to become President?” The Wikileaks poll gives Hillary less than half of Trump’s numbers:
50% Donald Trump (Republican candidate)
22% Hillary Clinton (Democratic)
12% Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
16% Jill Stein (Greens)
A confirming poll on NBC’s left-leaning website got even more startling results as of Aug 13: out of 123,000 votes.
Trump got 60%, Jill Stein 18%, Hillary 12% (!), Gary Johnson 10%.
Another NBC poll found that 8% trust the media over Trump, while an amazing 92% trust Trump over the media (as of Aug 6).
This suggests that all the media assaults on Trump will hardly move the needle of public opinion.
The argument that Hillary will win based on traditional election history and the electoral college does not count on the millions that never vote—a number roughly equal to those who do vote—who seem to have been energized by Donald Trump.
The fact that Hillary’s primary vote total in California was significantly smaller (25.
6% less), and Trumps considerably higher (33% more) than in 2008 must mean something (you can’t compare their primary vote totals directly because the Democrate and Republican process is different).
The figures for the whole country were even more telling: Trump got much more primary votes than any previous Republican in history—in spite of the fact that he was running against 17 opponents.
Hillary, in contrast, got LESS total primary votes this year than she did in 2008, when she lost to Barack Obama.
And consider the buzz on the social media, according to Breitbart:
Trump: 10,174,358 Facebook Likes vs.
Clinton: 5,385,959 Likes
Trump Live Stream Post — 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.
5 million views
Clinton Live Stream Post —11,000 likes, 0 shares, 321,000 views
Trump: 197,696 Reddit subscribers,
Hillary: 24,429 Reddit subscribers
Hillary for Prison: 55,228 subscribers
Trump averages 30,000 live Youtube viewers per stream; Clinton averages only 500!
This last datum is confirmed by actual attendance figures.
Trump's crowds are typically in the thousands and have to turn people away.
Hillary’s crowds are typically in the hundreds—and they sometimes used students or hired actors to fill the seats (as they did at the Democratic convention), or photoshop the results (see Have you ever written a letter to President Elect Donald Trump and received a response

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