How can one tell if their answers are being collapsed in Quora

How can one tell if their answers are being collapsed in Quora?

Someone must tell you.
On your screen you won’t know.
It will appear normally in the usual place it was.
Only in the screens of others will it be included in the list of collapsed answers at the bottom.
Earlier I used to get a notification whenever an answer of mine was collapsed.
Now I don’t.
So I never come to know.
Only if some reader tells me, I come to know.
I just don’t bother anymore.
I don’t appeal like I used to.
A good number of my answers have been collapsed.
Usually it happens when some downvoters do their job early before the upvotes have begun to pile up.
If the number of downvotes is more soon after the answer appears, the answer is usually collapsed.
In some cases they were uncollapsed on their own, later.
I had done nothing.
Nowadays, downvotes, collapses and hostile comments and abuses are all part of my Quora experience and I live with them while enjoying all the support and encouragement and friendly messages from my readers.

Thanks for A2A.

My profile after logging in.
My profile after logging out:
Do you see 206–216 answers.
10 of my answers were collapsed by the idiotic Quora.
Hope it helps… :)

Thanks for the A2A Isabelle Early!
Original Question: How can one tell if their answers are being collapsed in Quora?
I don’t believe Quora sends you anything about collapsed answers so I guess the best indicator is the number of answers as listed on your profile.
If you keep up with the number of answers you have, you’ll be able to tell when one is collapsed because it’ll disappear from your total number.

Pray to dear almighty, asking why did the Quora lord wreck up a havoc in your happy life of answering.
Puns aside, its normal to get answers collapsed.
try figuring what did the QMT has accused of, in order to collapse your answer.
If you find it relevant then improve it else appeal against it.

S-: I would say go for improvement part because appeal never works.
I am yet to meet the person whose appeal was considered and answer was restored.

Copy the link to the full answer you just answered.
Open a different browser type for which you do not have set up auto login for Quora (ex: open Firefox if you ordinarily use Chrome) and paste the link.
This way, while viewing the page as a non user, you will be able to see if you’ve been collapsed.
PS: Quora’s auto-collapse logic is an abomination.

Thanks for the A2A.
There is no mechanism on Quora for finding which of your answers have been collapsed.
You just have to go over all your answers and figure it out.
Word of advice: don’t worry about it.

Generally you receive a notification about the same and the reason is mentioned therein.
Your answer is down-voted primarily due to down-votes received, due to plagiarism and/or due to much improvement needed in the answer.
If you don’t find the decision fair, you always have the chance to appeal to the Quora moderation team.


Quora will send you a notification regarding the collapse of your answer.
It will contain the reason for collapsing and a chance for you to appeal.
You can make changes in your answer as per the requirements and make it impeccable.
If Quora agrees to your request then it will be restored, else it will stay like that.
Thank you.

As far as I know the only way to tell if your answer has been collapsed is to look at the question it was on.
However, I don’t think that is your problem.
You answer quite a few questions with a ‘comment.
’ These are different to answers, and will not count as an answer.
To see these comments, check the edits on your profile.

Failures .

If you had posted an answer and see it not getting published, within minutes of your posting you would’ve received a notification saying your answer had been collapsed for violating so and so policies of Quora.
In case, you still are confused & carry doubts in your mind.
You have every right to seek an explanation from Team Quora .
Very nice people on board, they will respond to you in time.

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