How can I make myself better each day

How can I make myself better each day?

First of all success is not a coincidence but a result of deliberate training knowing you are pushing your limits.
So, is the same with my favorite Sachin who's life has been a constant source of motivation.
And if we apply these principles everyday we will be than yesterday! Here are the lessons from his own mouth:-
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Meditation: because some questions can't be answered by Google.

Meditation is being in tune with your inner energy source.

Yes, Although there are infinite number of things one can do to improve everyday the most emphatic one that I feel is Meditation.
Some health benefits of meditation are:
Among many others
Benefits of meditation on Women's health and Pregnancy:
health benefits of cold showers are overstated to say the least, the mental benefit of intentionally exposing yourself to discomfort in the morning is not.
Do this every day for a year and TRY to remain unchanged.
I dare you.
Drink a Green Smoothie Each Morning

While the debate about meat vs.
no meat continues to rage on, one thing is abundantly clear.
In order to perform at optimal levels, look great, and feel your best you NEED more green vegetables in your diet.
If you are like me, then you probably don’t want to choke down 6 servings of Kale every day so I opt for a green smoothie.
You can use something like Organifi from Teodor Mavrodiev

Nowadays, everyone is running for success without even knowing what is success.
But everyone is so much indulged in the rat race that self improvement has steeply declined.
Adding fuel to the fire, technology and gadgets worsened the situation by time constraints too.
Is any of the points impractical? Come on, they're not.
Personally getting a hold over them.
You'll be an improved version after a year.

It’s quite simple actually.
Tweak your mindset a bit to incorporate these points and boom! You’ll start seeing yourself grow in no time! I’m not saying this is a comprehensive list by any means, people have written some wonderful answers already.
I’m jotting down things that helped me get in the improvement zone after a couple of years of complete stagnation.
Surround yourself with the right people.

This point can’t be stressed more.
Surround yourself with people who motivate you, who push you to do more, encourage you to work harder, who help you grow.
And do the same for them.
Keep learning from them.
People who are passionate about something are more than willing to share their knowledge with you.
Start saying ‘Yes’.

Got invited to a party? Accept the invite.
A co-worker invites you to a meetup that was sort of on your wishlist? Make time for it and go.
A friend invites you to go to the gym with him? Go.
You never know what will just click.
A few weeks after you start doing this, you won’t believe how much more exciting your life has become and how many more skills you have picked up.
Relish the novice mindset.

People tend to forget what it is like to know nothing as they grow.
They start craving for the comfort zone of knowing everything required for the work they are doing.
Take on new stuff.
Don’t be afraid to dive into a project at work you know nothing about.
Feel the excitement of being a noob.
Make yourself comfortable with this mindset.
And you’ll never stop learning.
Embrace failure.

Take risks.
Go for that far fetched project.
Throw yourself into situations you know you’ll fail horribly in.
Never gave a speech to a crowd? Do it.
Never danced on a stage? Do it.
You’ll fail a couple of times, but you’ll be amazed how quickly you learn from just doing stuff irrespective of the result.
Produce more, consume less.

Look around you.
It is so easy to consume content.
You have a Facebook feed that constantly refreshes with new content you can browse through, there’s Instagram for photos, countless hours of videos on Youtube.
Instead of spending time consuming content, start producing content.
Write a blog.
Work on a pet project.
Contribute to a github repository.
Create funny videos to upload on Youtube.
Write answers on Quora.
Create stuff.
You’ll be amazed how much more you learn by doing than by reading or watching.

Start by focusing on those two words: every day.

If you want to see real results, that’s what you will need to commit to.
And when I say commit, I mean it.
It’s not going to be easy because you’ll have distractions that will threaten to take time away from what’s important, you’ll have obstacles that will appear out of nowhere and disrupt what you’ve set out to do, and of course there will be that negative self-talk that will show up at any given time of day or night telling you that you just can’t do it so you might as well quit right now.
All those things are your enemies.

And you will have to learn how to crush them.

Every day.
You’ll have to be strong.
You’ll have to be disciplined.
But the beautiful truth is this: you can do it.
The question that remains is what exactly should you do?
These 5 tips can help you start working on becoming a better you, every day, starting with today.
BETTER YOU tip #1.
Give your life more purpose by setting important goals.

Having a specific and important goal is one of the most critical factors that can help you build a more meaningful future.
When you have a goal you’re working towards, everything you do in your day to day life will start feeling like it has a greater sense of purpose.
You won’t see your actions as inconsequential or isolated ones.
Quite the opposite: everything you do will start to add up to something much bigger.
How do you do that?
BETTER YOU tip #2.
Consistently work on developing your core skill set.

You probably have a good idea of which skills you have already developed in the past 5, 10 or 20 years.
Still, there are other skills you’ve identified as important, and maybe you wish you had them already or you’ve already started working on improving them, because you know that the better version of yourself needs to have those skills.
Maybe even more than that: in your vision of the future, the better you is an expert or master in a specific field of expertise! This is why it’s important to identify and develop the core skill set that will help your better self.
How do you do that?
BETTER YOU tip #3.
Keep your new habits simple.

There’s one important reason why you should.
If you make your habits super long and complicated, you might only work on them for a week or two.
Did you ever notice what happens in January each year at your local gym? It’s packed with people who have made a fitness goal one of their New Year’s resolutions.
But by the end of the month, most of those people have already given up, and by February the gym goes back to how it usually is: the regulars are running on the treadmills and lifting weights, and there are a few new faces but not that many.
What happened? Probably their goals were too lofty and the habits too complicated to keep up, given their long commute, other responsibilities, and not putting enough focus on how to make a new habit stick.
You can approach this problem differently.
How do you do that?
BETTER YOU tip #4.
Get into the habit of saying “thank you” for everything you have in your life right now.

There are so many benefits to practicing gratitude! And no, it doesn’t mean repeating abstract words or phrases that you learn by heart but that you do not understand.
If done correctly, it can be a total game changer.
Practicing gratitude trains your brain to focus on positive things and makes you think of what you already have in your life, as opposed to what you do not.
Being grateful will also keep you grounded in your personal life so you are less focused or even obsessed with what others are doing with theirs—whether that pertains to your friends, classmates, people you follow on Instagram, or even coworkers.
How do you do that?
BETTER YOU tip #5.
Start building a strong belief in yourself.

Easier said than done, right? If we’re lucky, it’s wonderful to hear a family member or close friend tell us, I believe in you! But even if we don’t hear it (or we don’t hear it often), it’s not the end of the world.
What’s much more important is for you to believe in yourself.
Of course, this is tough to do because we all tend to engage in negative self-talk, give in to self-doubt, and be our biggest critic in the whole world.
How can you move beyond that way of thinking? You can make a shift in your mindset, bit by bit, each day.
How do you do that?

You can make yourself better each day by attacking your goals in a day-to-day mode rather than making them months-long projects.

Create a better-you agenda for yourself and work on it each day.

And I say that again- EACH.

Make a list of the things you have always wanted to improve upon but could not.

Include learning a new coding tool if that’s one thing you want to improve upon.
Include ‘read’ if you’ve always wanted to read, but didn’t know how to.
Include ukulele, badminton, swimming, or any skill you want to pick up.
Include ‘improving English’ if that is something you have always wanted.
Include ‘improve voice modulation’ if you’ve always felt that the way you speak could use refinement.
Include ‘dancing’ if you’ve always wanted to dance with a crackerjack on a dance floor.
Include ‘inner peace’ if that’s what you want to attain.
Or confidence.
Or ‘think positively’ if you want your days to be more positive.
If there is a lot that you want to improve upon (or all of the above), then ask yourself this: What are the top 4 things that I want to improve upon RIGHT NOW?
This is how mine looked like when I created one.
[I created mine while reading the Monk who sold his Ferrari.
These cards are still there in the book]
I divided my list into four buckets because I think it’s important to focus my energies daily in these four areas.
Plus, this is so much one can accomplish in a day even with 16-hours of productivity.
[a closer look]
I’ve included things I’d like to improve professionally, i.
being an awesome researcher.
I’ve included things I’d like to improve personally, i.
something I’m passionate about- writing.
I’ve included things I’d like to improve health-wise, like nourishing my body by exercise and by eating right.
I’ve included things you’d like to improve spiritually, like thinking more positively.
Now mention one specific thing that you’ll do to accomplish these goals TODAY.

Here again let’s highlight the importance of a few letters in bold: One.

If you plan to make your body more appealing, don’t mention ‘become fit’ as a thing.
The problem with this is that it’s too global in nature and unachievable.
Like I said earlier, when you set a goal too far in the future, your mind thinks that it’s really going to be tough to do it everyday, so why even start? You cannot do anything if it’s too far in the future, like six months, but you can do virtually anything if it is just for a day.
Mention one specific thing that will help you become fit.
‘Walk 45 minutes on treadmill today’ or ‘Don’t eat anything sweet today’ are more legit mentions.
And then just do that thing.
Forget about what’s going to happen six months from now or when will you start looking fit.
Long before you know, your body will start craving that workout and you’ll automatically upgrade your workout regime to an intense one.
If you want to make reading a daily habit, don’t mention ‘read.
’ Mention ‘Read [name of the book] for an hour.
’ Similarly, if you want to learn dance to dance with a crackerjack on the dance floor, think about what is it that will take you there.
Mention ‘practice dancing on club dance videos for 45 mins.
’ If you want to improve your English, you can have a goal like ‘Read one article that interests me in TOI and practice speaking it afterwards.

Here’s how mine looks some days:
[My Daily goals list]
If you look at my daily goals list, in each section, I’ve mentioned a specific action item rather than something global.
In professional section, it doesn’t say something generic like finish a project or something which will take more than a day and automatically sets me up for failure.
It mentions a very specific thing- read one report and figure out how did researcher arrive at the insights.
In Personal section, it doesn’t say something broad like write a Medium Post because writing a post takes more than a day.
For me, it is a 3-step process.
First is conceptualizing the post.
Second is actually writing it.
Third is refining and posting it.
So the sheet above mentions a very clear goal- conceptualize today.
In health section, it doesn’t say anything common like become fit.
It says zumba for an hour.
In spiritual section, it doesn’t say something global like be happy, it mentions one very specific thing that is supposed to increase happiness- jot down three things I’m grateful for today.
There is also a self-reflection note which says, “What’s one thought you’d like to change to positive?” If you wish, you can spend 10 mins with this list of yours at the end of the day, and see what you improved upon to see what you can do better tomorrow.
Here’s another pic from one of my earlier diaries and at the top i used to mention a quote driving me to attack my goals in a day-to-day mode.

“A builder turns to the blueprint only when he needs it, and spends the rest of the day actually building the thing.

“A day when you don’t commit a single action that moves you closer to achieving your goals, is a zero day.
Zero days are a decision.

Now take a small piece of paper, jot down the action items and the time you’ll allocate to them today.

Keep in mind that your list should be realistic.
It must allow sufficient time to take care of things you can’t escape, like college (if you are a college student), office (if you have a day job), family responsibilities (if you are married), and things like commute time, eating time.
Keep this note in your pocket so it’s easy to refer to it anytime.
This is my note:
This note automatically inculcates office work from 9 to 4.
That’s something I can’t escape and don’t even want to.
Hence there is no mention of it.
It just is.
I can steal 4.
30 to 5.
30 for Zumba.
Then I commute home, cook, eat, do nothing and effectively don’t do any ‘work’ from 5.
30 to 9 pm.
From 9-10, I read a book and then hit the bed.
Before leaving for office, I help myself to meditation for 15 mins, i.
from 8.
45 to 9 am.
Once the items are done, I strikethrough them, like you see Prepare report above.
Once I started attacking my goals in a day-to-day mode, I saw myself become better before my own surprised eyes.
I became fat to fit by doing some form of exercise daily Anshul Agarwal's answer to How did exercise change your life?
I’ve read 35 books so far in the year by developing a daily reading habit.
Image source:
It is simply a matter of asking yourself at the beginning of the day, “How do I want to better myself today?”

FORGIVENESS:Forgive people.
We all are human beings.
Mistakes happen by chance not deliberately
GurKirat Singh's answer to What are some hacks that everyone should know?

Learn from the instinct of baby penguins.

All baby penguins have to do this.
When they reach a certain age, they're left own their own.
They stand there waiting, unaware that their parent is not coming back.
After waiting for so long, they get very hungry and must eat.
Mom is not there to feed them anymore.
So their instincts kick in.
The water is beautiful and welcoming, almost relaxing.
The first penguin jumps in, and fear makes it jump back out.
Then it realizes the water is not so bad.
So it jumps right back in.
It starts wiggling it's body in the swimming motion.
It's feels awkward at first, but gets the hang of it.
And then it's swimming, towards food and new discoveries!
It can smell the FREEDOM.
A seal jumps from under the water, hitting the penguin's little body into the air.
It falls back in, disoriented, confused, fearful for it's life.
It struggles to swim away, but the seal is fast, it catches up behind the penguin and bites hard on the neck.
Then shakes itself violently to rip off the meat.
The penguin's body sits still after that, the seal has won.
It feasts on it's kill.
The others witness this, but while the seal is busy with the first, they try to swim past.
The seal leaves the first and chases the rest.
And they swim as fast as they can.
Some make it, others don't.
What're the benefits of those that faced their fears and made it?
What can we learn from them?
You'll never get rid of fear, you just learn to not let it control your life.
The grass is not greener on that side.
You'll learn to become courageous and vulnerable to face those fears.
Fear auto corrects a lot of bad habits – You might find that once you've faced your fear, you've gotten rid of some bad habits you probably didn't know.
Example, I faced a fear I'll talk about later.
But I stopped frowning all the time and it has benefited me.
So how do you face your fears or become courageous?
step out of your comfort zone and set small goals to accomplish your goals.
It'll make you a better person.

If you tackle the big picture, you've set yourself up for failure, instead.
Chunk them up into small goals.
It'll all add up.
I've done it myself and it works.
In the past, I was terrified of people, then I decided to challenge myself.
I left the house and started complimenting random people, no strings attached.
It was uncomfortable for me at first, but once I realized that people really appreciate it, I felt good.
Others thought it was weird and I felt horrible.
Just when I was becoming comfortable doing that, I started having full on conversations with them.
Then I moved on to talking to random girls on the streets and before you know it, I was racking up numbers.
I've faced some harsh rejections in the process as well.
But I've kept going.
The point was not to rack up numbers, but to improve as a person.
That constant discomfort formed new good habits, a healthy mindset on life, and confidence.
Which has taking me far in:
Summary for ADHD:
Your life becomes better as you overcome your fears.

There isn't any utterly complex secret which will transform you immediately.
You just need to take care of following points daily which are so common yet most effective ones.
Make a schedule

It will help you in making your day more organized and productive.
Pen down the tasks which you have to do on a piece of paper.
Make sure that your daily acts goes according to this schedule.
Don’t forget to re-check the list before going to sleep.
If you have followed all of it then do the same daily.
If you couldn't stick to it then, note down the reasons because of which you couldn't do that task and don't repeat it.
Trust me, these Short term targets will do wonders.
You will be saved from futile fear of future and start enjoying the process of reaching your goal.
Challenge yourself

People find themselves in new situations almost on regular basis.
There is high probability that those tasks are out of their comfort zone.
For instance, an introvert might hesitate before talking to new person.
It might be a completely tough task for few people to address the crowd.
These might either excite or make you nervous.
However, in both the situation you must be calm yet tactful.
Keep the fear of being judged by people aside and concentrate on learning that new skills and do things which are out of your comfort zone.
Don't compare yourself with others

Have you ever seen posts of your friends or any other person on social media who is living the life you wanted to live and got frustrated or jealous???
Have you ever felt disgusted with your life because it isn't as cool and luxurious as you want it to be???
At every phase of life, there will be people who would be better than you in one or the way.
It's quite tough but you should learn to deal with that feeling of inferiority complex.
Living life of others is the most horrible thing you would do to yourself.
In spite of getting jealous , learn to be inspired from them.
Furthermore, focus more on figuring out what you really love to do.
Devote all your energy to it.
There will be situations when you will fail miserably but the real fun of the whole scene is in trying your level best again and again until you have got what you want.
Learn something new each day

Another easiest yet most productive way of improving daily is by filling your mind with new ideas.
Read as much as you can.
It can be a book or eBook of any genre or a blog/magazine.
The newspaper is yet another astounding source of improvement.
You can take up new online or offline course of your interest.
Talk to people.
Discuss your ideas.
You can even check out TED talk.
Spend few minutes on analyzing that ideas that inspired you the most.


I would like to conclude by saying that one of the most fundamental tips for daily improvement is Consistency.
It means that you must religiously perform those tasks.
No matter what plan you have made for yourself but until and unless you follow that daily, it won't be of much use.
Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that try to get up early, meditate, exercise and be open to constructive criticisms.

Hope this article make your day more productive.

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