How are you as a teenager different from other teenagers

How are you as a teenager different from other teenagers?

Whilst I am not a teenager anymore, I was one a few years ago so I feel I can answer this question.
The teenage girls I were around day to day were
I on the other hand never felt like I fitted into the drama-obsessed instagramming girly fashionistas that I was surrounded by.
That was a long list I know, but if you’ve come this far, you must have understood what I'm saying.
If you relate to some,most or all of these, please DM me so I know wasn't the only one who felt and sometimes still feels this way.
At the moment I don't know anyone else like myself and it makes life tough.
I used to know two friends kinda like this but we have since lost touch.
I hope you learnt something today!
Wow! 1k views and only 22 upvotes.
So I'm guessing the people who upvoted felt they related to this in some way and everyone who didn't upvote, didn't relate to it or thought it was a crap answer.
To be honest I always knew I had a quite uncommon personality.
Well 22/1000=2%, so there are only above it 2% of people who feel the same way I do.
At least there are people out there like myself, but boy, it's scary thinking that it's just a fact of life most people I meet will have a substantially different personality and interests.


I just became an EMT at 16 years old.

When I was 14 years old my mother had her first seizure, at the time I had no idea what a seizure was.
When I saw my mother flailing on the ground right in front of me……everything just went quiet.
If you want to understand what I was hearing at that time just cover your ears, inhale and exhale out of your mouth.
That was all I could hear, just my breath.
After a few seconds I grabbed my nephew (he was 3 at the time) and ran to my moms room with him so he wouldn’t have to see her flailing around.
I got to the room sat him down and started praying, I was praying with all my might, “please don’t take her from me, just take me instead….
please god just take me.
” Obviously 911 was immediately dialed, by the time they got to my house my mom was in a postictal state (it’s the time immediately after someone has a seizure where they are very quiet and quite lucid).
The EMTs did all of the obvious stuff, checked her blood pressure, asked her some questions about the present and what she remembers before the seizure.
She went to the hospital, where they diagnosed her with epilepsy.
I decided that I would never be put in that situation again and not know what to do, it’s hard to describe the amount of hopelessness you have when you think one of your family members is going to die and you have absolutely no idea what to do.
I’m actually tearing up right now just thinking about it.
So, I became an EMT.
I understand now that the absolute worst thing in this world is losing someone you love, and I didn’t think I could live in a world where I didn’t have the knowledge or skill to help anyones loved ones when I’m the only one standing between them and death.
I know I didn’t lose my mother and I thank god everyday for that, but I just don’t want anyone else to ever go through what I went through that day.
When it comes to seizures I know it’s hard to work in initial prevention, but I will do my damn best to help EVERYONE on scene after it’s already happened.
I took a 6 month EMT course, there was 22 of us at the beginning.
As far as I know I’m the only one that became nationally certified in the class, but to be fair they all have jobs and kids already so they didnt have much time to study.
I firmly believe that every person in America should know some form of emergency medicine.
I’m gonna guess that this, is what sets me apart form other teens my age.

I’m taking “other teenagers” as “the average teenager”

I like to think of myself as pretty darn unique for several reasons.
And I have a Quora account! That’s not very common for teenagers, right?

-I enjoy watching documentaries, and I can read Wikipedia for hours.
Articles on history, psychology, medical conditions, cat breeds, geography-I’m a curious person! For the most part, I prefer reading non-fiction over fiction, except if it’s manga or fanfiction.
But with fiction, I still really like historical fiction.
-I do a fair amount of cooking.
I’m not a 5 star chef, but I’ve made a Thanksgiving dinner before.
Also, vegetables are delicious.
Brussel sprouts getting all crispy in the pan=delicious.
-I have an affinity for plants! Currently, I’m growing a strawberry plant and an arugula plant.
Mostly, I like pepper plants and cactuses!
-I don’t use Snapchat.
My phone doesn’t have enough space anyway.
I actually have a fairly big internet presence, but I don’t post as much as I used to.
I’ve had Facebook since I was 10, so maybe I’m getting bored.
I used to make my own memes with FotoFlexer.
I don’t feel clever enough to post nowadays, or don’t have the self-esteem for selfies.
-I’m an adventurous eater, trying things like super spicy food, crickets, bacon candy, TV dinner gum balls and salmiakki(which was dreadful-minty and meaty at the same time).
-I’m an early bird.
I even get up at 5:00 a.
m on the weekends.
Most teens stay up too late, but I’m easily in bed by 8:00 p.
The latter worries me sometimes ’cause I’ll fall asleep while talking to people, playing games, or writing a Quora answer.
-I haven’t seen a ton of popular movies, including Mulan, Avengers, Brave, Inside Out, Hunger Games(not all of them), The Princess and the Frog, Avatar, The Matrix, etc.
-I listen to music in different languages, especially multi language compilations.
My music taste is pretty varied; today it’s been Heathers songs, then Weird Al, The Offspring, Willy Wonka songs…
-I dabble in Halloween/Cosplay makeup over regular makeup
-At 18, I don’t have my driver’s license.
I’m not a great driver.
Last time, some guy blared his horn at me when I wasn’t even out of the driveway yet.
The combination of my short attention span and juggling multiple things at once makes driving scary for me.
But my permit’s going to expire soon, so I need to get cracking.
-I don’t have many friends; I only have one friend at school (besides my boyfriend), and I don’t see him everyday.
I meet people with similar interests, we talk for a bit, and it looks like we’ll be friends.
But soon, they disappear.
It feels like I’m the only one with their interests who can’t make friends with them.
If someone takes the chance to talk to me, they’ll see that I’m understanding, generous, and a jokester.
But not many do.
In spite of this, I still like getting out of house and having fun whenever I can.
Heck, I get excited going to the grocery store.
But I’ll be lucky to be invited anywhere.
-I don’t hunt or fish.
I think it’s more a Maine/country thing, but still.
I just don’t find bloody animals appealing.
-I drink my coffee black(unless it’s from Dunkin’ or something, then I want to try something new).
It was originally for a diet, but then I just got used to it.
-Haven’t had any drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol.
I only want to try the last one, and I’ll try to keep it to getting a nice cocktail at a restaurant or having a glass of wine at dinner(not everyday).
Honestly, why do you trust us with a 2 ton death machine, but not a beverage?
-I don’t have a PS4 or Xbox One.
I’d like one of them someday, just haven’t had the chance to get one.
The PS3 works great.
I still enjoy gaming, but we haven’t bought a big console in nearly a decade(the PS3 was inherited).
Also, my phone is about 3 years old, which isn’t too old, but most teens I know upgraded by now.
-I think Mountain Dew tastes like a vat of chemicals
-I don’t watch sports or go to sporting events.
I don’t play sports either, though I played soccer in 1st grade.
I’m very clumsy and uncoordinated in general.
-I’m not so scared of bugs(except wasps).
I’ll happily take that spider outside for you.
-I find most chores kind of relaxing.
It gives me something to do, and I don’t want to swim in filth anymore.
-My sense of style is pretty unique-leather jackets, pins, viking jewelry, snapbacks, studded belts.
I also have a tendency to wear lots of red.
You should have seen me in 4th grade when I was channeling Punky Brewster.
Guess I take after two 80s characters(guess who’s the other one?).

I am now nearing the end of my teenage years, I’m sad to report, but I never thought I was too different from the other teenagers around me.
But obviously we are all unique and have our own quirks.
)I’m not big into social media and I never cared that much about looking good just for pictures to put on the gram.
I do however love fashion and makeup, even if I don’t have the time to wear it that often :)
) I don’t have an interest in partying or making stupid decisions late at night when my senses and rational decision making are not clear.
)I’m quite extroverted and love meeting new people and striking up random conversations.
I don’t have social anxiety, and have always been comfortable in a variety of social situations.
) I love a good argument.
I love to debate about a lot of topics ranging from politics to spirituality.
I’m not a social justice warrior and I don’t get offended very easily.
At the end of the day, the only opinions and actions we can control our ours, and I respect other people’s opinions even if I don’t exactly agree with them.
)I never really liked the shows we currently have on TV.
I could never get into shows like Shameless, GOT, Orange is the New Black, the Mindy Project, Jane the Virgin, etc.
I don’t know… they were never really able to capture my attention
) I LOVE documentaries.
I can’t express how much.
I love learning about the world and I feel as if our high school history classes could never get that in-depth.
I’ve been able to learn so much more about the world and its people through documentaries, not to mention the perspectives that documentaries expose you to.
Even the most obscure documentaries can really change the way you think things, and I love learning about new perspectives.
) I like historical dramas and older and more obscure TV shows (think Downton Abbey, the Twilight Zone, Bewitched, Into the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, etc.
)I dislike the Kardashians and refuse to follow what they do.
) I’m quite a religious person, and I practice my family’s faith and love to learn more about it (Hinduism).
) I have both OCD and ADHD.
)I ’m a proud American and love my country and my state (Texas).
) I don’t have any interest in relationships as of now.
This may change in the future, however.
I do want kids though, so I may adopt in the future.
) I know what I want to do with my life and have known for quite a while.
I know I want to become a physician and work in a research lab.
)I love to think about the most obscure topics and I love to talk.
I literally need to be told to shut up at times.
) I hate today’s fashion trends.
I wish we could return a to more classy, natural, feminine look.
I hate all the piercings and harsh makeup and unnatural hair dye of today as well as the 90s and 70s fashion that is coming back (why can’t we bring back 50s fashion instead?).
) I don’t really look up to celebrities and I’ve never really understood the idea of looking up to people who work in entertainment.
They’re not changing the world or anything.
I admire a few, but I won’t say that they’re my role models by any means.
I’d rather look up to scientists and people who actually did good for the world without constantly trying to put it on their social media for recognition.
I also don’t get the fascination for becoming an actress.
It’s a tough biz, and Hollywood is one of the most corrupt industries out there.
) I love to write.
This is all I can think of at the moment….

Hi there! I am a….
Musician | Guitarist | Photographer | Cinematographer | Music Producer/Composer | Graphics/Motion Graphics Designer | 3D Artist | VFX artist | Singer | Painter | Film Maker
I mentioned this before! hand to draw your attention! So yes!! Friends I do everything! Which I stated above! People call me Versatile, all-rounder a talented guy! And what not! But honestly no one knows how I managed to learn and inculcated all these things! this is something which everyone can do!
I felt maybe it can inspire someone to do better than me so I am sharing this on quora!
My life was different compared to other teenagers out there! I use to avoid getting socialized! I was more into doing something creative or productive! From my childhood only, I use to do drawings and paintings! And it wasn’t at casual level! I use to win prizes! In drawing competition! At the age of 15-16
I got fascinated by the softwares like Photoshop, FL studio including other adobe softwares though at that time! Everything was going above my head when I use to access the UI of those softwares! I still remember when I started learning photoshop 7.
0 and the moment I opened photoshop it was like! “Dude this is really hectic compared to Microsoft Paint, is at an advance version MS paint software?” at that time internet wasn’t available to me the way it is available to the teenagers in todays time! I mean it was quite expensive! I still remember my father use to pay 280 bucks for 250MB data plans which was provided by photon+ and it used to get drained in no time but today we are getting unlimited Data! plans In that same price and that too at 4G Speed! Things have changed isn’t it!
So at that time! I started searching about photoshop and then YouTube came! I started downloading tutorials! and from there my endless journey of learning started! Honestly YouTube is the best teacher for me in my life! And then this interest started ascending in me! i was falling in love with all these things! I admit I missed those moments when all the teenagers were enjoying out there! Dating falling in love, partying, hanging out and what not! And then it was me who was doing R&D on these softwares in my bedroom! Trust me I enjoyed this journey thoroughly!
After completing my Matriculation my father gifted me an Acoustic guitar! And then I started playing I was so intrigued to learn guitar that I use to practice that whole day! My fingers use to get numb! But still I continued with that! And then I reached that position when I was able to play basic chords after which I started recording my practice sessions while singing and then i use to send them to my friends asking for review! they started appreciating my voice! and I use to burst out laughing at them! Because I felt that I was not a got singer! xD but then after developing musical sense! I realized its not going bad! And then I started working on my voice!
After which I gave an audition for a Bengali rock band they loved my voice! And then I was the front man of that band! It was an amazing journey of 2 years! I also had my official track! Streaming online!
This was my band! THE BITKELS

So, if you find any of these descriptions same as your then it's not my fault.
Because neither you nor I know each other !!
But, you are always welcome to share your views.
Thanks for reading my answer !!!

These are my favourite novels
I am really sorry if I had bragged a lot 😉
Sharthkumar Sabarish
Criticisms are always welcome :)

(I know I'm pretty late :/ )
But even then, my classmates call me a ‘cool girl’!
Am I boring?
You decide.
~Gouri Namdeo

You may comment if any of the listed points matches with you… but, as far as I know myself, I think I'm different from other teens, because =>
Aren't these enough to make me different?
Anyways, my perspective is same as other friends.

Got my point?
I do a lot of things differently from other teenagers, but so do they, which makes us do the same things.

Sure, I do have other interests than some of my peers, but none of those interests are…unique.
Here is some further proof:
Need something more specific? Got ya!
In my humble opinion, as good as that fake feeling of specialness makes us feel, it's still, well, fake.
The only thing that makes us differ from other people is our personality, which is shaped by our experiences.
Even then, we still share similar traits with others.

At the end of the day, we should try finding the people with whom we share our special interests, so that we can be special together.

Am I different from other teenagers?

Let me introduce myself.
I am a 15 year old guy who lives in Wisconsin.
And I have a few things that make me different than other teens my age or in general.
My favorite color is purple.
I am not attached to sports, in fact, the only sport I play is airsoft.
My favorite number is 8.
I prefer to work for others and make their lives a little easier than work for myself.
Favorite past time is bike riding.
Always wanted to be a cowboy.
Love the show “Longmire.

“The Walking Dead” is nasty but Marvel’s “The Punisher” isn’t.
Favorite beverage is milk.
I find school to be useless for my education.
I hate pop music.
Basically just any modern music.
Favorite music artist is a toss-up of either Johnny Cash or Marty Robbins.
Favorite show is “Hell on Wheels”
I know a lot of random facts that aren’t useful in everyday conversations.
I am quiet.
Don’t really like to follow strict layouts or blueprints or rules.
If there is a way to bend them, i will try it.
Is that kinda catfishy, ya, maybe.
22 is my second favorite number because of Meatwagon22.
I get pissed off if people spell my first name wrong (Dillon or Dylon or something)
~Dylan S.

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