Have you ever felt so powerful you scared yourself

Have you ever felt so powerful, you scared yourself?

There were two occasions when I felt ridiculous burst of “power”.


I was only 9 or 10 at that time.
There was this short guy in my school who constantly annoyed me and teased me(in a nasty way).
So one day,when he walked up to me to give me a few punches in the face,I don't what got into me,I just did it.
He kicked out,I grabbed his leg,and pulled his leg upwards.
He did a backflip and(luckily)landed on his bag.


I don't know what gets into me but whenever I lose in a video game I just get so angry and punch my computer.
Just today,I had completely lost it when I disconnected in CS GO and as a result received a ban for 30 minutes.
All because my wifi has problems.
that moment,I felt a surge of strength and swiftly punched my computer.
The entire screen cracked and now I have to send it for repairs.

For almost a decade I was so powerful I scared myself.
For that length of time I had absolute control of the police and politics of a town of 2000, 000 people in South America.
I was intentionally benevolent (personally picked up the total tab for the two hospitals in town – essentially socialized medicine), but once when I complained about something someone had done that annoyed me, one of the police officers killed the man in question.
He in turn was killed for putting me and the whole arrangement at risk.
Power is very fickle and dangerous.

I would say that a person who feels this way is deluded… the feeling of being incredibly powerful sounds like a Satanic delusion.
You nor is anyone else powerful in and of themselves.
God has power, but you can’t take your next breath without His power… humans are dust.

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