Has your book been published yet

Has your book been published yet?

It’s been out for a week now and so far, all of the feedback has been positive.
It’s a collection of 72 humorous stories from four Quora teachers.
You can get your copy here:
A Comedy of (Classroom) Errors: Matthew Bates, Lesley Barklay, Dave Consiglio, K.
Gould, Timothy Barklay: 9781717933881: Amazon.
com: Books

It is entitled, The 7 Roads Less Traveled.
It is available in Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
I reveal a new global psychology of everyday life that will help you navigate safely around the seven icebergs of life.

This book explains why we are our own worst enemy!!!
Bad events are happening all around us – random terrorist attacks, suicide bombings, frauds, scams, cyber crimes, job loss, bankruptcy, poisons in our food and drinks, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, depressions, divorce, drug abuse, teen pregnancies, and suicides.

Life is like the story of Titanic.
The Titanic gives you an overwhelming feeling of safety and joy.
She was so majestic.
She had all the ingredients of high drama – man’s ability to build beautiful things, with people seeking love, glory, victory, having fun, and pursuing dreams.

Then disaster struck.
At midnight, the Titanic hit a monstrous iceberg.
She sank within three hours, taking away 1,317 lives.
The 7 Roads Less Traveled will help you to navigate safely around the 7 icebergs of life:
Additionally, my book touches on the issue of lifelong learning and family survival, just in case there is global chaos and even World War Three.

yes, all 30+ of them.

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