Has any US President ever been addicted to illicit drugs

Has any US President ever been addicted to illicit drugs?

While they were in office:

We have had a bunch of presidents who have had very real substance issues while in office.

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However, these substances were usually provided by doctors or obtained legally.
That doesn’t mean these practices were a good idea for an office holder.
I have deep concern about the level of alcohol use we have seen among some POTUS’s and the medications Nixon and JFK were both prescribed seem a bad mix for the office they held.

G W Bush appears to have been an alcoholic and cocaine dependent before becoming POTUS(beyond what got into the press, I have a verification of that from a source that knew him as a young man).
Obama was pretty much baked on cannabis by his own admission through high school and at least used some cocaine.
I personally think BO is understating the extent and duration of his cocaine use.
There have been rumors tying both Trump and Bill Clinton to cocaine.
The office of Potus is not tested for drug use or average alcohol consumption and their medical exams are not truly independent and public so we really don’t know for sure.
I think that is a mistake.

Drugs, for the most part, have only been "illicit" since the 1930s, or thereabouts.
No president is known to have been addicted to any drug, (physically dependent), although more than a few were big drinkers.
Some, we would probably consider alcoholics.

George Washington is known to have used laudanum, (a tincture of opium), for his dental problems, but at the time, there was no such thing as drug prohibition.
It was not considered either illicit or immoral.

Ulysses S.
Grant is known to have used cocaine to deal with pain caused by throat cancer.
Again, there was no such thing as drug prohibition then.

Since the beginning of drug prohibition, a couple of presidents are known, or thought, to have gotten high, but none were addicts that we know of.

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