For which English nouns are the singular and plural forms the same word

For which English nouns are the singular and plural forms the same word?

There are many like

Many of the answers under "answer summary" are wrong—they are not the same in singular and plural form, but rather are "uncountable" and don't have a plural form.

For example, "underwear": we cannot say "two underwear" or "three underwear.
" Underwear is not a plural word (or a singular one).
It is uncountable, so we have to add classifiers—one pair of underwear, two pairs of underwear, etc.

The same goes for "money" (there is no such thing as "five money") and "music".

"Corps" is spelled the same in singular and plural, but is pronounced differently—as "kor" in singular and "korz" in plural.

"Tweezers," "scissors," "briefs," and several others are plural nouns and have no singular form—you cannot say "a tweezers" or "a scissors".

The true answer to this question only includes countable nouns that don't change in the plural—fish, bison, swine, aircraft, trout, etc.
Many of these have acceptable plural forms that are different, too: fishes is correct, as are salmons and trouts.

Thank you Hoda Iman for the A2A.

Collective nouns are what you are talking about.
These nouns include deer, herd, fish, coven, congregation, herd, flock.

Some collective nouns can be used in collective and singular forms.
These nouns include deer/deers; fish/fishes; congregatio/congregations.
How does that work? Sometimes the hunter speaks of hunting deer (any or all).
Other times the hunter speaks of spotting both cotton tail and axis deers from his blind.
Everytime he comes home from hunting he tells stories about how many deers he caught (a few specific deer.
Good luck.

One deer (singular), Two deer (plural.
Google this question, you will get lots of good reference books.
Also check out the definition of mass nouns: sugar, sand, etc.

I become slightly annoyed when English language learners query Quora experts rather than researching their questions on the internet, where you can find all the answers.

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