Does President Trump read 10 letters and personally respond like President Obama did

Does President Trump read 10 letters and personally respond like President Obama did?

JacQ Quora asked:
Does President Trump still read 10 letters and personally respond like President Obama did?
Let me ask JacQ a question: (Pretend that I’m asking you the question, but please don’t report me for BN:BR because I’m actually asking my fictitious JacQ friend.
Do you still beat your wife?
Do you see the problem? I’m sure that you never beat your wife, unless you get up before she does every morning.

So, let me revise your question:
Does President Trump read letters and personally respond like President Obama did?
I honestly doubt it.
I suspect that all letters that get sent to people who wrote to the White House are typed by secretaries in the white house and are robo-signed.
I suspect the only times that Trump even sees actual letters from Americans is when the letters are needed for a photo opp.

Years ago, I did get a letter from President Clinton, and I do believe that he read my letter because his letter included a comment about my father, who I had mentioned in my letter.
My father, who talked Bill’s ear off about education a few years earlier during one of his gubernatorial elections, had died about the time that Bill was nominated to be the 1992 Democratic candidate, and I mentioned that in my letter to Clinton after he took office.
The letter, because of its personal postscript, though typed, was obviously dictated by someone who knew more than the average secretary.

I’m sure, though, if you were to ask Trump how many letters he reads every day, he will tell you that he always reads more letters than Obama ever did, just like when he was asked about how many personal phone calls he makes to parents and wives of soldiers who die in action, he suddenly started making those calls, when he obviously had not done so before.

So, Does Trump still read those letters? He may have read a few letters about the time that he was asked to do so for a photo opp, but when nobody is looking over his shoulder, I think he goes back to his normal schedule, mostly watching TV and tweeting.

Does Trump still read more tweets than Obama?
Yes, certainly.

Did Obama write some of the greatest letters to people who wrote him?
See this site to see nine fantastic letters that were mailed from the White House:
9 Letters Obama Wrote To Ordinary People That Reflected The Best Of The America He Believed In
Seeing these letters, there is no doubt in my mind that these are not form letters written by a correspondence secretary.
I believe that Obama put a great deal of thought into these letters, even if he (probably) dictated them.

Here is one such letter:
It will be interesting to compare these letters, some day, to letters (allegedly) written by Trump.

President Trump appears to have difficulty reading at all.
When he reads from a teleprompter he isn’t reading with comprehension because he misreads a word out loud that has nothing to do with the sentence.

He has refused to read the daily briefings.
According to White House leakers, they prepare a short ditty that has complimentary things in it, and pictures that include himself.
That he will look at.

I have never heard of Trump personally writing a letter in response to mail he has gotten.
He barely has a daily agenda and staff is in the dark until he bothers to tell them about his personal appointments.

Obama was, probably still is, a “creature of habit”.
For instance, he had a hard and fast rule of going up to the residence at 6 o’clock to have dinner with the family.
He may go back to work, later, but that time was family time, every day.

His habits included writing letters.
I don’t know if Trump keeps any schedule at all and I hear most of what he does is spontaneous.

As others have noted, I seriously doubt it.
Besides the fact he's said numerous times, he doesn't read.
He can't be bothered to read daily briefings or intelligence reports, you think he's gonna personally write, or even dictate, a letter from a schmoe he's never even heard of? Yeah.
On the GIGANTIC chance he finds time to care about something that's not all about him, I can't imagine reading a letter is not high on his list of Fucks to give.

You have a higher chance of getting raped by bigfoot, than him acknowledging some “nobody".
Even less of a chance he'll write it himself, or even dictate a reply personally.
And judging from his speeches and tweets, his use of grammar is (or lack of) a trainwreck, and the letter would be a confusing wreck of words anyway.
Nobody can benefit in anyway by listening to him.

“Many people are saying” that he once sat in with little Donnie Junior’s remedial reading coach (Jr.
was nineteen, probably) and reviewed the alphabet, but could only get past the first nine letters because every time he got to “I” he broke down in an incoherent fit of giggling and peed his pants a little.
“Ever notice how beautiful the letter I is, Donnie.
It’s probably the greatest letter in the history of letters.
The sound is just yugely wonderful.
Has there ever been a greater letter than I?”
Alternately, we know that he knows the letters I….
O… U… from his vast experiencing of hustling his stakeholders.
He signed a lot of them.
Interesting tidbit: Did you know that the cyrillic translation for IOU is IOU? He doesn’t even have to take a translator along!

president Trump is trying to straighten out the huge mess that Obama put this country in.
He is erasing this legacy ,as Obama calls it,and removing all the restrictions that Obama put in place such as the fine placed if you didn't buy his worthless health care.
Obama seem to spend alot o f time watching basketball,traveling around the world jerking off other world leaders while the business at hand wasn't getting done .
O bccama used those 8 years to promote himself and his agenda.
If president Trump doesn't get to write a single letter,he has done more for this country in 3 years than Obama ever did .
I look forward to 4 more years as President Trump s gets the border secured,renegotiates trade deals with other countries and has America winning instead of blowing down to other world leaders like Obama did.
We are the United States of America.
We don't bow to ANYBODY.
Thank you president Trump for what you are doing,and God bless America…

Does Donald Trump Reply to Letters?

“Still”? What evidence do we have that President Trump ever read even one letter and personally responded? Much less 10 a day!
Trump stays away from any way for people to call him out on his BS – inauguration crowd biggest ever, ISIS defeated, Putin and Jong Un good guys, John McCain not a war hero, the economy is the “best ever”…on and on.

No sign of him speaking directly to one person at a time.
He tweets and runs.
Always has and it appears he always will.

Well, first, you are presuming he can read, and I am not sure of that.

Second, you are presuming he has the time to read 10 letters, and again, I am not sure since he has to watch a good 8–10 hours of television each day.

Third, you are presuming he is capable of responding, and I am not sure of that either, maybe via Twitter, but that would take away time from his TV and other Tweets.

So, no I, for one, doubt it.

It’s a well known fact that he can’t be troubled to read his daily security briefings.
So, do I think he reads citizens’ letters?
Get real.

I have no idea, but I suspect the Mad Hatter only knows the following actual letters period: t-r-u-m-p- n-o- w-a-l- h-g-e.
That is the reason his signature looks like a polygraph chart, he doesn’t know enough letters to write Donald J Trump.
I suspect when he addresses letters to Ivanka, given his past comments on her appearance he addresses it to WOW.
That is why the reports of him hating to read, he doesn’t actual know enough letters to be able to do it.

I suspect that he reads a lot more than 10 letters.
He may even be able to read all 26 of them.

45 reads?

I’m pretty sure that trump reads all the letters he gets.
He certainly reads more than any other president ever has — just ask him.
That’s what he does during his hours of executive time every day.
And here we thought he was watching cartoons on TV.
Mystery solved.

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