Does financial mess create problems in your personal life

Does financial mess create problems in your personal life?

I am not personally affected but know those who are…
I know some people who were affected by such a situation…some financial problems created by one’s own errors of judgement (like some one got into debts because of playing cards or trading in share market) or by external factors (for example the problems faced by employees of Jet Airways) —-caused mental and emotional stressful situations in family relationships…
And there are families that are affected financially because of family problems…because their earnings were affected by their stress levels caused by family related problems…

YES but if your goal is big, efforts are consistent, actions are clear then results will follow soon.

While doing all this you must take your family into confidence.

All this is simple but not easy as myself have witnessed this from 2013 to 2017 while setting up my lifelong venture of Financial Literacy for the masses.

Still a lot has to be done but the mess is clear, funds are pouring in and soon would be able to scale up and work faster to realise my dream.


Updated: 17.06.2019 — 7:58 pm

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