Do you value yourself

Do you value yourself?

Yes, I do.

And everyone should value themselves.
This life is precious and we are also precious gems of our family (I believe).

There was a time, long ago, when a person, who was younger than me, knew less than me… Didn’t value himself.

In 2014, after a very rough year of isolation, feelings of depression and the constant contemplation of suicide.
He decided to open up to the possibility of standing and living in the truth of who he was.

He was fortunate to recognise some pretty remarkable young women, who accepted, supported and loved him for being the crazy, irresponsible and loud person he was.

This surprised him.

In 2015, he decided to stand his in truth a little more, by coming out to his parents.

His parents’ reaction was less than ideal and the young man felt liked he wasn’t understood, accepted, supported and loved.

He had disappointed his parents by telling them the truth.

He had made his friends happier by standing in his truth.

His parents didn’t value him.

His friends did.

The reason his friends valued him, was because he realised his own value first.

I am that young man.

And I value myself because:
I am a lot greater than I knew myself to be.

I am actually awesome.

I love myself.

If you don’t value yourself then who will ? And who would value you if you don’t value yourself ? make yourself a first priority and believe in yourself and be positive in your life
Stay positive Stay Blessed ✨

I do.
There was a time in my life I didn't.
I turned to the "fast lane" life style to hide pain and get acceptance.
Wow was I dumb.

The value I now have came from that though.
The trials and tribulations I had made me see the value of life and how previous it is for the little time we are given.
I reap what I have sown.
I accept it.
I value the life lessons.
Never to take my position in this world for granted again.

As a life is given to you.
Thus it can be taken away.
Live a clean and giving life.
Keep it real.


Yes because I survived among millions of eggs that didn’t make it through my mum’s womb
Because I was lucky to have my brain and body parts in working condition since birth
Because I had parents who could give me comfort, education and good training to survive in the world
Because I truly am special, unique and have the power to do anything possible or impossible if I try hard

I have discovered that if I base my sense of value on what others tell me to value, I generally end up behaving in dysfunctional ways.
I act to please others, and in the process, I end up hurting myself.
I have discovered that I am different from other people, and I can’t do what they seem to think I should do without hurting myself.

I have also discovered that a lot of what I believe others think I should do is something I made up.
I never actually asked people what they think.
I just assumed I knew what they thought I should do.
For some reason, I made up stuff that was hurtful to me.
Other people didn’t actually want me to do what I thought they wanted me to do.

Eventually, I concluded that it makes most sense for me to figure out what I want to do.
I have decided I should only do what I love to do.
If I try to do things I don’t love, I won’t do a good job and I will resent doing things I don’t really want to do.

I have realized that if I do what I love to do in a way that pleases others, no one will fight me.
I won’t fight myself by resenting doing things for others that I don’t want to do, and others won’t fight me because they will be pleased by me doing what I love to do.

I don’t actually value myself, but I recognize that thinking that thought is a way I hurt myself.
So I have practiced letting go of thoughts like, “I hate myself” and all other thoughts that hurt me.
I can do it most of the time, now.
In the absence of not thinking hurtful thoughts, I am left only with thoughts that don’t hurt.
As far as I’m concerned, that’s as close as I will get to valuing myself.
It’s good enough, anyway.

For the most part, I no longer think thoughts in which I do not value myself.
That’s how I value myself.

Yes, of course.
Just as I value everyone.
Your admittance into the human race is all that you need to initially earn my respect.
Consequently, no one is more important than you.
Just the same, you too are no more important then anyone else.
And, I do mean anyone.

Regardless of titles, wealth, power, fame, sins, or crimes, every human life is of equal value, That is, every life is priceless and therefore the equal to anyone else’s life.
Even so, what you do with that life is another matter altogether.
And, that’s for you to deal with, not me.


Well by value im assuming this definition :
To answer your question , yes i do but not fully.

I believe that we aren’t entitled to anything unless its earned.
I value myself on accomplishments and things that i’m in control of ( daily habits ).
Also the quality of the people i spend most my time with.
So if self value was a percentage i would probably be at 67.

Yes, Everyone values it own self, unless they have emotional instability.
But I do believe in God that He values everyone no mattter who you are.
His name is Jesus, I know he values your life the same way He did to mine.

Hope this helps you.

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Yes , i always value myself.
its the only reason that other will also value me.

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