Do you think Wattpad is just a popularity driven forum where only clichd novels actually get read and noticed

Do you think Wattpad is just a popularity driven forum where only clichéd novels actually get read and noticed?

The Yuen Ranking Algorithm has been developing constantly over the years.
During the initial years of Wattpad, I would absolutely agree with that statement.
The situation had sort of been better three years ago, but there was still a lot of room for development.

There were too many cliche novels hitting the million mark.
Although I have to admit that the language and plots were good.
At times, there were good variations in the climax, so it wasn't as cliche.

After a while, the algorithm was designed in such a way people currently updating would hit the hot list.
This was a welcome change, as it encouraged writers when their rankings soared.
Some non cliche books were slowly raising up the ranks.
But there was a drawback.
Completed books took a backseat.
They were getting buried under, and some of the really good works failed to get noticed.

Now, there are ranking slots for all kinds of books.
Featured books, undiscovered books, and completed books.
This provided equal opportunities to all.

Wattpad's major reader source is teenage girls.
The number of reads is directly proportional to the genre of the book.
Currently, Fan Fiction, Romance,  and Teen Fiction are the most popular genres.
The competition is extremely high here.

Hope this helped! :)

Updated: 17.06.2019 — 2:28 pm

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