Do you think the person who A2Ad you is cool

Do you think the person who A2A'd you is cool?

Yes, you’re cool.
You have good taste.
You’re someone who, although we’ve never directly spoken, I think I could consider a friend.

You seem fairly awesome, you write good answers, and you are my oldest fan on Quora.

I remember the first day you followed me, way back in November.
I had about fifteen followers, had written maybe eighty answers.
And this random guy went through and upvoted at least half of all my answers.
The day I got those notifications I went and called my boyfriend in excitement, “I have a follower!”
And you’ve upvoted every single one since.
I never cease to be impressed and flattered.

Absolutely not, Sarah Pawlowski!
You're very friendly and probably also enthusiastic so unfortunetly you can't be cool (according to Google, anyway).
Your cool, however, is quite immpressive.

Urban Dictionary gives quite a different definition for the word, that most definitely applies to you.

Stay neat-o, awsome and swell, Sarah!

There was only once a A2A.
Something I could answer.
But regarding the person who A2A’d me, I believe I was a random pick from the list for him/her.

There is no attribute of coolness attached to it.

Yes, yes I do.
Also, I didn't forget about your fundraiser.
I get paid in two days so be patient.

User-10768790014118209185 oh definatly

If you think you are cool, you are uncool!
If you think you are uncool, you are uncool!
Therefore, everyone is uncool.
Hence, proved!

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