Do you think that Narendra Modi has failed as a PM

Do you think that Narendra Modi has failed as a PM?

Here are some of the scenarios where Narendra Modi has failed to protect India and its citizens:
Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Although GST is considered to be a landmark decision under the Modi regime, it was surrounded by controversies that created a strained relationship between centre-state.

Make in India/Startup India
PM Modi’s aim to build India as a global manufacturing hub to cater to the needs of both domestic and international market failed to give the expected results.

Demonetisation and Black Money
The sudden note ban (₹500 and ₹1000) by PM Modi on 8th November 2016 created hustle and bustle among the Indian citizens.

One of the agenda highlighted by PM Modi during the 2014 elections were to double the farmers’ income by 2022.
However, this promise seems to be far from reality
Rafale Deal
As per the pre-Modi regime, Rafale deal involved providing 126 aircraft to Indian Air Force wherein most of them would be built in India by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.
But under the Modi regime, the old contract was thrown out and a new one wherein 36 aircraft would be purchased without any technology transfer was signed.

Jobs and Unemployment
There are several reports released by the government on the increase in the employment rate, but the reality is the changes being made to the methodology of calculating GDP that makes it appear artificially higher.

Dalit Controversy
It is being observed that there has been an increase in the number of attacks on Dalits and minority communities over the past few years.
Even lynching was practised without any fear of the law.

Let us look into some of the promises and expectations and the current situation which will be helpful to decide whether he is successful or failure.

Off course Not!
But did he achieve what he wanted to : NO
Actually MR MODI is in process of Building INDIA from all perspective.

The vision “ EK BHARAT SHRESHTHA BHARAT “ is far away but he is working towards it.

At this point of time there is no other suitable PM candidate as Qualified as Mr Modi.
Both in BJP or in the Congress.

If you think about Rahul Gandhi , i feel he is a Good Person but, is he a perfect fit for the PM? : NO …NO Way
In Modi Regime the the Indian diplomacy has achieved a great milestone at international level But it has also failed in neighboring countries like Nepal and S Lanka .
also Kashmir Problem is a big challenge for Present Government.

Various schemes are still not being implemented as expected but that is also problem with our bureaucracy and with the lower level of government.

To Transform a Diversity-Rich Nation Like India You Need A Good Amount Of Time !
Transformation is a Process .
YES or No can’t judge it.


In any form of work , be it private, social ,political or otherwise .

The enemy is hype .

The work only measures your strength and stature , no matter how tall you are .
you feel belittled if your work does not match your words.

Politics is such , praising the likes of B- Bachchan for his work than the likes of A bachchan if beriddled by sloppy work.

The folly of Modi lies in promises unfulfilled .

10 achievable promises were better than a whole book of promises unkept .

Modi failed not becsuse he was a workoholic, but he failed because he was a workoholic with a lot of C’s in his work sheet .

An A’s on some pages would have done a lot .

We will miss a man of courage but we will get rid of a man of false bravado with promises .

Offcourse Yes !


no never


Not at all.

I think he has done a tremendous job in clearing the pollution in politics.

However, results of the reforms are not very viewable currently but these are gonna prove very vital and fruitful in a long run.

At least he is trying to make lives better in India rather than keeping mouth shut and acting as a puppet of Gandhi clan!
2019-2024 would be crucial years and those years will decide weather he failed or passed in making India a better place to live.


Yes of course!
Income inequality has increased.

Amount of jobs created has gone down…
State of farmers has worsedned .

Not much relief seen for the poor class…
More corporate welfare decisions then farmer welfare decisions…
Loss in social security and privacy…
Being a PM he should be face of govt but whenever there is a controversy he is no where to be found and his statement is either missing or at the end where it comes just as an formality…

Yes ! Definitely.
He failed as an Indian prime minister.

In goverment you and your fellow ministers get involved in big bussiness deals so you n your fellos can make lots of wealth out of it.
like commonwealth ,adarsh society, coal gate and many more.
bt here again pm modi hasn't been charged with any such allegations.
So in this criteria he also failed as indian pm.

PM modi wants to give cheap and continuous electricity to all citizens.
To Each and every indian.
No matter the caste/religion/language they speak.
Bt yet again he fails here because he is supposed to do differential politics.
Baato aur Raz kro.

PM modi wants india to well known in foreign country for its good infrastructure , good Living Standard, good society environment health education… Bt No no no.
he fails here because he is expected to promote india as a country of snake charmers.

5 .
Lastly, he is giving he's day night non stop for the shake of betterment of our country.
why he is doing this.
what is the purpose ? what is the need? He should have enjoyed like gandhi family doing for 70 years.
Suck the county wealth and spit into foreign banks.
Bt no he fails in this criteria too .
Coz he has no personal motive no personal agenda.
He dreams making india “sone ki chidiya” once again.

There are many more point which I can Discuss about bt I think You get my point.

Trust in him.
You will find his as best PM india ever had.

Yes, that is true Mr.
Modi has failed as PM.

Most of the time he spent in states for rallying for BJP despite being PM of India.
Remaining time he sent either in his foreign tours or finding ways to vanish oppositions.
I means how a PM of a great country can waste his working hours there.

Demonization and GST is decision of tired mind.
Many world organizations where he toured in last 4 years have already said these are failed attempts.

The atmosphere of peace and harmony has declined from even Pakistan as the latest survey reports says.

He as Indian and as PM of India couldn't control corruption and the promises he made earlier for bringing ginger back money or answer ot Pakistan or curbing terrorism in kashmir through demonization have already spoken truth.

If one does something good he /she showcase it vibrantly.
But Modi himself has said “Do not evaluate me on Demonization and GST”.
The question is why.

Despite being in majority in loksabha he couldn't make laws against shameful acts lynching on name of cows.

Countrilike Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives are not trusting India.
They are increasing relationships with China.
Now, Iran has invited China and Pakistan to build Port there.

Rafael deal is a blunder and defence budget is not increasing at required pace.
Congress has allocated money for companies like HAL, BHEL, BEL for indigenous defense manufacturing.
Congress has allocated budget for AMUL and PUSA for food and milk products and allocated budget for ISRO despite of many wars and 1990s debacle these were not stopped.
These all came up with institutions like IIT, IIM, IISC, AIMS and BARC.

There is no match between the two.
Modi has done so bad with India that can not be corrected so easily and therefore we need an experienced leaderships.
We don't want leaders who run politics through event management companies and boast false promises.

Definitely not.
We the citizens of India have failed to deserve such man.

No I don't think that modi had failed,country need reforms and he is working as a reformer we need to adopted new ideas to development in country's infrastructure, industrial sector, agricultural,defence sectors I think he is working good we need to give sometime to modi to make INDIA as a supreme power in ASIA .


This is one of the Stupid question I have ever read


50 % failed .

there is no discussion and matter to ponder on this q.
this illiterate person managed to gain popularity due to religion matters and as it is a fact that 90% of Indians are living in villages and are illiterate, this so called modi converted them to a fanaticism and with ugly propaganda by the naked thug of patanjali (we cant mention or s[peak out this naked yog guy because we might be ashmed ).

Yes Modiji behave like Dectator.
safety to minorties and Dalits .



He is the best PM of all time.

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