Do you think art can make a person more creative

Do you think art can make a person more creative?

Art is one of the best ways to connect with creativity.
Art is the way you actually think about people or express in your way.
Every single soul is creative ,just to express it to the world we put it in a piece or a frame .
Sometimes I feel art makes or creates a person creative but creativity need not have a sheet or a hand ,it needs a vision how we feel about things around us.
I actually conclude this as my schoolmate who's handwriting was a hell ,coming to art was a mess and last to creativity was the best , speechless and remarkable .
I have a good handwriting and art skills but have no creative or logical skills the way he has.
creativity doesn't always depend upon art,it actually depends on the way you think.

Sure, just like many other things.

Don’t fall prey to the myth that only some people are creative and you’re people are not of the chosen few.
We are all creative; it’s just a matter of figuring out in what way.
So find things you’re curious about and are interesting to you, use your imagination a little, stay motivated and work at it, and surround yourself with others who are doing the same.

So how do you boost creativity? Here are 10 suggestions to improve your ability to exercise ideation:
Be a detective
Creatives and innovators always have enquiring minds.
Are you asking enough questions to get deeper and understand the problem as much as you can?
Make quiet time
Most ordinary days of the average people includes an enormous amount of multitasking.
Multitasking is, of course, is very destructive to the time and space of good creative thinking.
Set time aside for team members’ quiet time to stimulate and let the mind wonder until ideas flow.

Challenge good
The phrases good enough, this has always worked, and this is all the time we have to devote to this problem, etc.
are very destructive to team creativity.
Avoid these at all costs as they are enemy #1 to the best results.

Foster Autonomy
We all prefer control over our environments.
According to a 2008 study by Harvard University, there is a direct correlation between people who have the ability to call their own shots and the value of their creative output.
An employee who has to run every tiny detail by her boss for approval will quickly become numb to the creative process.

The act of creativity is one of self-expression.
Granting autonomy involves extending trust.
By definition, your team may make decisions you would have made differently.
The key is to provide a clear message of what results you are looking for or what problem you want the team to solve.
From there, you need to extend trust and let them do their best work.

Divergent thinking
Try the quantity approach to new ideas.
Use brainstorming to improve divergent thinking.
Study and then connect ideas to get new ideas.

Add play to the equation
When looking for fresh new thinking to solve a problem, shake things up by adding some fun and play to the process.
It always has the ability to shed the stress and pressure on a team.

Avoid these myths: Myths on Creativity .
17 to Stop Telling Yourself Now

Explore new experiences
Open up your new idea thinking.
Do things in new and untried ways.
Avoid the set ways of solving problems.

Do as much experimentation as you can.
Don’t worry about failures and allow the team to question any and all assumptions and consider even the craziest ideas.

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With 40 years of business experience, he writes about topics that relate to improving the performance of business.

Yes, certainly.
With my art, I notice that I start with a creative idea in my head, but as I start to draw or design it out, my head becomes filled with hundreds of other ideas or ways to expand my original design.
The more actively involved with art a person is the more likely they are to continue developing new ideas.

Absolutely, I know a successful medical student that moonlights her talents painting canvas.
She has her own studio and has been practicing with original and mimic famous painters.

Creativity shows up in phases, and hers skills are sharp after ten and a half years.
The trick, she would tell me is to keep your scheduled time commitments, but make time for your passions.

I think art inspires us to take action.
Without action, creativity is lost.
So in a way, yes art can make a person more creative, but I think with inspiration alone, creativity doesn’t come about.
Practice and a lot of patience and willingness to take risks all embody what creativity is about, so those are skills that need to be worked on, outside of inspiration.

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