Do you have an idea that could change the world

Do you have an idea that could change the world?

Education !
We all know the world will change when the people will, and what is a better way to change the world than to change the Education System.

If we see analogically-
This is it now.

This is it today.

This is it today.

You can easily see, how less we have changed our education system.
We are still using the almost same methodology that we used a 100 years back.
Before anywhere else let’s have a look at the General Indian Education System.

In the words of Albert Einstein – Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will take it’s life to realize it’s stupid.

This is literally what our education is like.

The basic problem lies in the fact that the moto of our entire education is to make the students clear exams.
I fear that our education is lacking the basic value system to counter with the growing society.
In my opinion what we need is an education system where—
If Ideas like this will be planted in young minds, I can assure you that the speed of our growth will increase thousand folds, sooner we will move toward developing a society that will be sustainable, educated and growth oriented.

Together we will make this world a better place.

Thanks for Reading.


Timothy Gowers, in a talk called "The Importance of Mathematics", once asked a similar question: Can we tell which mathematical ideas are the most important? Could we focus all our energy on the math problems that could change the world and ignore the rest?
The answer is that there is absolutely no way to know.
As Gowers demonstrates in the talk, even the most abstract and seemingly useless branches of mathematics have turned out, time and again, to be incredibly important.
For example, G.
Hardy was a mathematician who was “perfectly content, indeed almost proud, that his chosen field, Number Theory, had no applications, either then or in the foreseeable future.
" Perhaps Hardy would have been disappointed to find out that Number Theory turned out to be the basis of modern cryptography (e.
, see RSA), which is what allows us to exchange information and passwords securely over the Internet.

All of mathematics is deeply interconnected and there is no way to separate the "useful" parts from the "useless" ones:
The startup world is similar.
We simply cannot tell which ideas will completely transform our lives.
For example, most investors thought the Airbnb founders were insane and that no one would want to pay money to stay on someone else's couch (or air mattress); but now the company has completely transformed how people travel, is helping to kickstart the sharing economy, and will soon be booking more rooms than the world’s largest hotel chains.
And who could have predicted that a website where college kids could "friend" each other would end up with 1.
5 billion members, transforming how we communicate, and helping to start revolutions?
There are plenty of Startup Ideas out there, but no one really knows which ones will transform the world.
This is why my advice to most people is to not worry about it and instead focus on scratching your own itch—that is, find a problem that you want to solve, and let the world-transformation thing take care of itself.

See also: The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads – and that's ok.

By answering this question i know i will get a self satisfaction and you will get another answer to your intuition as psychologically you have carried this question inside yourself that is also not letting you sleep as you are also walking in the path of thousand tries to change this world.

First of all Bravo…!!! That you are not a narcissist, you are a catharsis who is purging everything, you are giving own mind and soul towards the developement of others.

I told above lines to make you understand the answer of your question “what is your idea of changing the world?”
My idea only based on self intuition and self motivation that should be dedicated towards the betterment of my sorrounding and the people I belong.
See, how much creative and innovative ideas i have those dont matter to others and they dont even give a shit.
As i have the curiosity and potentiality to go ahead make people gather for bringing a change in everything that needs a change indeed but the most important thing i will need that is UNITY AND THE URGE TO BE CHANGED So,until people do realize their existance, their responsibilities being human.
The change will be a NIGHTMARE.

But it does not mean we will debilitate our enthusiasm and our encouragement towards the change.
We will never be weary in this evolutionary path as we have to answer the future.
We need to make a clear significant history for our next generations as when they will dwell in past they will feel proud of everything that we will have made today.

“So it does not need to create in others but be a change.

Adyasha Chanda

These best startup ideas most come from the best corporation in the world: Top best startup ideas for 2016
Startup is always a win or lose story.
Some may win and claim the throne of King, while some lose all the life they have.
Startup requires budget to be done, and what startup made by the best corporation will certainly make impact to the world.
Let's find out in Top best startup ideas for 2016
1, The first startup idea of new year – A real locker
You all remember the Amazon locker, right? Indeed, the idea of having an offline locker is much more convenient like a real store, however, the cost is at least 5 timeslower than an ordinary store.
Amazon allows its customers to purchase an order online, and they will receive the email confirming the transaction as well as giving them an unique pickup code.
The customers, in turn, can go to the nearest locker and entering this code to receive their goods immediately.
However, the code is available for only 3 days and if the customers want another code, they must contact Amazon support later.
Everything goes smoothly, and an Amazon locker stays similar like an ATM machine, with its both security and flexibility.

2, Drink coolers
Drink coolers is now just an idea, however it will become real in this 2016.
As almost beverage companies advise in their products “Keep it cool”, there should be something like a refrigerator for your customers.
Drink coolers will perform exactly like a fridge, however with less in capacity.
This invention will go with a vending machine precisely.
People can now choose between a cool drink or not, and they don’t need to wait for long.

And there are several brilliant ideas that will certainly help you in the post Top best startup ideas for 2016
Startup is the no longer a new term in this modern life.
And have the courage to beat it, and certainly you will earn much money as six-figure income over one night.

Educating the children the right way.

We are part of an education system that failed miserably to make us understand the things that matter the most.

We have been taught to live to earn.
We define success by the money we collect or spend on things that don’t really matter.
We are self obsessed and have been habituated to wear masks.
We have lost the wisdom we were born with.
We believe everything we are told and we don’t question.

If we can teach the children at a tender stage, before they get into this trap, we can instill in them the raging drive that to need live a life that would actually make a difference to someone’s life.

All this innovation is definitely making life easy, but is it making it happier? I don’t think so.
We should probably concentrate more on that.

And I hope we are not too late.

Glad somebody asked, cause it’s high time!
Idea: ‘Sustainable Living’ gets introduced as a subject in school from the very beginning.

This will be taught through a well-designed book- with exactly the same amount of honor that all other subjects have in school- followed by proper discussions, assessments & project works.
Marking should also include the a ‘practical’ assessment- based on the real life activities each student is practicing.

This means a brilliant student who’s mean to others & doodles on his desk will not pass in ‘Sustainable Living’, while a weak student with great empathy towards the world will get excellent marks and a special award!
Once started from early school, this can go a long way to
The contradiction: Children tend to copy elders.
It will be a huge confusing contradiction to
ask them to collectively do things that we didn’t do in our times, or not do things that we did anyway, or to fix things that were ruined by us & our previous generations.

We’ll have to be totally honest about it.
And then inspire them to do otherwise so they can see a better world in their adulthood, and leave an even better world for their children.
They should be aware that the not everyone will listen to them right away, but they must be committed to do things right when they become the rulers of the world.

I agree this sounds like a heavy burden on such small shoulders.
But imagine the peace and love they will have in their minds & hearts instead of the collective guilt and regrets in ours! It’s going to be worth it, trust me!

Everything we do changes the world.
Everything has a consequence.
If you smile at that girl on the sidewalk who looks sad, who knows, that may have been the one thing she needed to hold on to life.
She didn’t kill herself because of your smile.
Of course, you will never know this.
Who knows how much we have changed?
I know, it seems insignificant.
But think for a second:
We are a bag of meat made out of stardust living on a rock that is also made of stardust.
This rock is spinning around a star, along with 7 other rocks and balls of gas.
The existence of humans is only a blink in the life of that star.
The existence of that star is only a blink in the life of the galaxy in which it resides.
The existence of said galaxy is a blink in the life of the universe.


One life, one million lives.
It doesn’t make any difference in the long run.
If you changed the life of even one person, you changed the world.
When that person’s life is changed, they will change other people’s lives.
We are all connected, in some way.

So, yes I do, and so do you.
Everyone does.
All the time.
The world changes every second.

Yea, my father has predicted that the next massive breakthrough in technology, like the wheel, medicine, electricity, the combustion engine and wifi is a way where harsh and infertile land could be cheaply, quickly and easily transformed into lush, fertile soil.

A way which enables not only countries and massive corporations, but everyday people to easily terraform the environment around them to expand and improve the life rating and standard of living.
Vast deserts become green medows, rocky tundra transforms into dense forests, or even dead wastelands start to teem with life.
Technologies to achieve to this already somewhat exist.
Irrigation, or seed planting can be a long and costlt process which involves major works and supplies to maintain the unnatural landscape.

But a way which can used in a man’s backyard or the Sahara desert, that gives it the water and sunlight to prosper and develop into a green haven.
This technology, no matter the form it is portrayed in, could become the next big game changer for human civilisation.
This would could allow access to resources for wealth, or provide a more liveable environment for people and animals.

Albiet negatives always exist, such as the abuse or misuse of this technology could result in a horrific outcome.
Only time will tell of what the next big breakthrough is, but I’d say my old man is onto something.

Changing the world isn't about doing very big things, but it is about doing great things.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

While it may seem small, but the ripple effect of small things is extraordinary.

My idea of changing the world is doing these small things :-
The actions mentioned above, don't take a great deal of effort to do, but if everyone in the world does this, it will definitely bring about a positive change !

I’m working on designing a new network, similar to the Internet, which is distributed and decentralized so information can truly pass freely.
Then I will upload my digital academy [1] to this network, so any human who can connect, can learn anything for free.

Furthermore, I am currently developing an A.
to assist in navigating a virtual world for both the academy and interacting with this new network.
I believe this will be the first step in changing humanity for the better.

flipping it on its head.

I'll put this question out for all to ponder to see if the penny drops for anyone.

So you live by the beach away from the big smoke all the food apart from apples is transported by truck to you.
This is facual
In any location.
there is not enough food anywhere to survive on without the farmers and truck drivers and laborers supplying it to us.

So if you were home with your family and you were given a choice
pay the farmer, truck driver and labour a million dollars to bring you your weeks food
Or pay a movie star a million dollars so you can get an hrs entertainment and watch there movie for an hr.

If the trucks dont come this week.
we would run out of food.

without these lowest paid workers of our world we would starve.

I'm wont say how I would achieve #thebigflip
but that's what the signs are!

Sure here are a few and perhaps someone who has more currage then I do will take charge and do something about it.

Considering the world as one big family- the concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (One world Family) We all are different in race, religion and come from different backgrounds.
Yet we all are HUMANS! we love, we cry, we fight, we all are somewhere the same! if we start to cultivate this mindset in each and every individual, there will be lesser fights, no wars and lots of peace.
This is the only way to end terrorism and hate.
The idea of One World Family.
We should not try to remove our differences, instead celebrate them!! 😀 :)

I have an idea.

I watched this interview with a person who used to be suicidal.
Well he states as he jumped off a bridge, he immediately regretted jumping and he wanted to keep his life.
Luckily he survived.

Heres where my idea comes in, lets say someones suicidal.
Somehow we get them into a hospital and tell them that after we inject this “fatal liquid” into them, they'll die painlessly.
So they agree maybe because theyre suicidal.
The second we inject the liquid they'll immediately regret it.
Then we'll reveal that it was just water instead of a fatal liquid.
This lesson will teach them the value of life.

But I'm just not sure how to get them to come to the hospital.

My idea can change the world: OCOMUN.

End money! If you take a real close look at human civilization.
It's not civilized.
As long as money exists there is no way to prevent bankers from first buying the intelligence comunity, then continually starting wars for profit.
For example Iraq.
There were no weapons of mass destruction, but the Wall Street owned CIA said there was.
It's been this way since Rome.
Money is the weapon of mass destruction.

Here's 1 Concept, which helps to Run County, Completely on Solar Power in Very Less Time & Benefit All (Govt.
, Private Firms, Public) at Same Time
Complete Details can be checked at
More Details with Multiple Advantages
Clean and Green Future !!!

Here’s a dangerous one….

You can have different religions, but live in the same place.

Or a classic….

The color of your skin is honestly not important.

If you can figure out a way to stop people from killing each other, you’d be celebrated as a king/queen among men/women.

The position in which the world is right now is because of only one major thing and that is 'GREED', not only in terms of money but in all the areas of life.

If, we as a human, are able to remove this greed from us, then I can bet that nothing's going to stop the world from changing in good terms.

Thanks for reading ✌️

If applied, certainly.
The idea is that humanity unites under the singular banner of its own long term continuity and invest heavily in concepts like clean renewable energy, environmental reclamation, resource distribution based on needs instead of capitalism and exploration/colonization of space and other solar bodies.
I'd like to add on elimination of religious beliefs to be replaced by reasoned, logical ethical standards but I think humans like having their imaginary friends to kill each other over too much.

I believe that no one can really answer that.

Ideas that change the world are creative by definition and if creativity was something that anyone could think about and foresee, then it wouldn’t be creativity.

However, as a gut feeling and someone that works closely with a lot of entrepreneurs and follow many trends, I believe that it would be in the impact areas.
Meaning something that deals with the fundamental problems of the world – problems like scarcity of water, food shortages, energy shortages, basic health needs, cultural cohesion and tolerance.

But, as I said, this is my gut feeling.
A personal opinion, and it wouldn’t surprise me if 10 other experts gave 10 other wildly different answers, and it wouldn’t surprise me if 10 years from now we were all proven wrong.

Basic human kindness.
If everyone showed kindness and compassion to everyone they came in contact with this world would be a better place.

Here in Great Britain we have many self appointed socialist saviours of the universe who attempt to change the world when they are barely able to change their socks…

To bring unity in everything.

There should be no crab mentality.

Each and everyone must possess equal rights.

One must try to explore one's own hidden potential.

After 20 try to not depend on anyone.

Everyone must be multitasking.

There should no caste or creed feeling within us.

Try to admire someone but never idolize.

Practices makes a man perfect.

Stitch in time saves nine.

Never possess the flaw-procastination
Try to make yourself comfortable with any kind of circumstances.

Always respect your elders and give love to your younger ones.

Don't possess an inferiority complex within.

Try to inculcate positive values from others.

Practice yoga daily which will help you to maintain physical balance,spiritual balance and mental balance of the body.

Be confident about yourself.

Each and everything possess something that can be learnt by us.

Lastly to be a good human being which is the important thing in our life.

Set aside an area in which to establish the world's first anarchist meritocracy.
People with control-freak tendencies wouldn't be allowed in.
Politics as an autocratic institution simply wouldn't be a thing there, and neither would the baggage that comes with politics.

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