Do we answer people or answer the questions on Quora

Do we answer people or answer the questions on Quora?

Quora’s mission is to "share and grow the world’s knowledge.
[1] If the goal is the growth of the world’s knowledge (vs.
personal), then we answer the question, not the person.

Once the question is posted, it can be referenced.
As a result, answers are also able to be referenced.
If a user poses a question, receives an answer, and leaves the community, that question and answer are still shared in order “to grow the world’s knowledge.
” If another user notices that the answer is incomplete or wrong, they may post another answer (as well as report, downvote, or suggest edits)—thus continuing to improve “the world’s knowledge.

I once responded to a question by writing a comment asking for clarification.
There were already a couple of short answers, but I felt like the user was asking something different—his response to my comment confirming my suspicions.
I then did a few hours worth of research, and wrote the answer for which he was looking.
I also edited the original question based on his clarification in the comments—the question was reverted back because there were already answers, and the question changed too much.
I answered the person, but it was less useful to the community because I didn't answer the question.

It doesn't matter which user typed the question; all that matters is the accuracy and breadth of the responses.
Those responses; that knowledge, is indexed by the question.
Why should that question (and/or answer) be removed if a user leaves? Why should knowledge be subtracted if a user is no longer active?

Updated: 16.06.2019 — 3:26 pm

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