Do teenagers deserve privacy

Do teenagers deserve privacy?

Why wouldn't we?
Are we not human beings? Do we not have rights, like everyone else on the planet should?
I do not understand why some parents like to intrude on their children's privacy.
It drives me crazy, because whenever I do something on anything, I first have to think whether my parents could see it, or whether they are around.

One of the worst things in the world is the feeling you are under constant surveillance.
The fact that parents perpetuate this is to me, horrific.

If you've read Nineteen Eighty-Four, you'll understand what I mean.

For those that haven't, I recommend a read, but will explain further.

If you found out that your parents had taped every moment of your life, from going to the toilet, to sleeping, and what you are murmuring when you are alone, to intimacy, to masturbation, and judged you for it, how would you feel? Every embarrassing moment, every crushed dream, interaction, every moment alone or together.

They've intruded on your life.
It's your life, not theirs, and just because they are your parents does not mean they have rights to you, about what you do and what you say.

It shouldn't, and doesn't, matter what parents think their children are doing.
It's a breach of privacy.
There is no justification for these things.

So I find it irksome when parents check phone history, not allow the door to be locked, prevent their children from leaving, or are otherwise controlling.

A parent’s job in life to be their mentor, not their jailer.

And, worst of all, it shows a deep, fundamental distrust of their child.
That is something that will ever be erased.
It doesn't matter what they have done.
They don't deserve a camera watching them at all times any more than you do.

I am sorry you have controlling parents.
The only thing I can think of that might help you is to show them these answers.
You could move out, but I think that would be hard for most teens.

It's a worldwide affliction that doesn't get much attention, but it has to be stopped.

When their children reach the teen years, many parents wonder why their kids suddenly need privacy.
Learn the relationship between privacy and trust, why parents should usually respect their child's privacy and when it's appropriate for parents to snoop.

The Link Between Privacy and Trust
Privacy issues stem from trust issues.
Our teens want to be trusted to do more and more things.

They want to be thought of as mature and capable of handling independence.
It is wonderful when we can give our teens their space and privacy.
Time alone, their diary and conversations with friends are examples of private areas we can offer our teens.

Sometimes teens may have private conversations with their siblings that need to be respected as well.
Sons may feel more comfortable confiding in their father about certain matters, while daughters may feel more comfortable confiding in their mothers.
This is especially the case if romantic relationships or the physiological changes they're experiencing at this time are the subject at hand.

Other Reasons Teens Need Privacy
Teens not only strive to be independent during adolescence, they also endure physical changes that make privacy during this age imperative.
A daughter who always felt comfortable changing clothes in front of her mother may no longer want to disrobe in front of her.

She may also lock her bedroom door or the bathroom door to ensure that her wish for privacy is respected.

The Benefits of Giving Teens Privacy
When we give our teens the privacy they need, they become more independent and build their self-confidence.
Balance between knowing what your teen is doing, trusting your teen to have some private matters and knowing when to step in is a fine line that parents walk every day.

Trust your instincts.

When to Invade a Teen's Privacy
Sometimes a parent may need to decide that it's time to snoop on their teens.
Parents shouldn't take this step to find out why a teen had a fight with a friend or for another seemingly innocuous reason.
Instead, they should reserve snooping if an adolescent shows signs of depression or of hurting himself or someone else.

If your child sleeps all the time, has lost interest in the hobbies that he used to enjoy, has become withdrawn, stopped socializing, or is showing other red signs, such as drug or alcohol use, it may be time to snoop.
Snooping should never be the first move a parent makes under these circumstances, however.

First, try to communicate with your teen about the changes in his behavior.
Ask why he no longer wants to play on the basketball team or hang out with his best friend since kindergarten.
Then, listen to what your child says.
If all you get in response is a shrug or "I don't know," consider having your child see a therapist.
If the teen directly states that he wants to harm himself or someone else, forget snooping and get medical help right away.

Wrapping Up
Respecting a teen's privacy is an important move to make if you want your child to believe you trust in her or that she's capable of some forms of independence.

However, if your teen is showing major signs of acting out, it is likely necessary for you to invade her privacy to get her the help she needs as soon as possible.

We all have secrets that we don’t want anyone to see.
Especially when someone tries to go through my phone without my permission.
I remember one time I showed my colleague a photo on my mobile phone because of my work, but he secretly browsed all the pictures in my gallery.
I am very angry, although there is nothing strange in my phone.
But this disrespect for my privacy is very disgusting.

I like joking around with my friends but I don’t think trying to get some dirt on your friend’s cell is funny.
I find it quite disrespectful.

I know just a way to stop your parents from taking your phone.
There are some apps that can lock your phone and no one can unlock it without your password.
I know sometimes it might be hard for us to tell our parents to stay away from our phone.
If you are afraid your parent would be angry for you to lock your phone, you can use the fake cover feature.
it would make your phone looks like it’s not working well.
There is an app that I have used before, it’s called: AppLock – Android Apps on Google Play

Ok, always remember as long as you are under 21 your life is theirs to manage.
You live in THEIR house, eat THEIR food, wear clothes THEY bought for you and use their television.
Pro TIp: that Xbox is not yours either.

Now, it gets better with time.
One day you will finish school and go to college.
You will also get your own house have your own family, then you will realize its important to protect your loved ones.
Parents have nothing but safety on their minds, accept it its not going to last long and you will thank them for giving a damn about your life.

Now when its comes to online privacy & messaging, you need to read some things.

Possibly one of the most vulnerable & stupid people online are teenagers between ages of 12 and 19.
Although it may be right to let kids make mistakes and learn, losing your home address, phone number, photos, videos and personal data in a breach is not a MISTAKE.

The advent of social networking with social apps like Facebook that have no regard to user privacy has made it all too easy for dangerous people to troll on teenagers.
I mean have you not seen the number of revenge photos published online after breakups , or photo shopped images of teenagers being posted online? I sure you have read this one 6 Passaic County teenagers arrested for running social media child pornography sites .

The internet has evolved so fast and ridiculously that no one has privacy anymore.
If you think facebook’s privacy features are awesome i cant help you.
This is the same company that keeps tabs on your location, sellls your data to marketers and participates in NSA’s surveillance program.
Check this out its an amazing read The best days of the internet are over – now our privacy will suffer .

Just when you thought teens messaging over the so called “encrypted” WhatsApp was safe here is what you need to know Why you should keep an eye on your teen's texting.

Last but not least would like to mention how ISIS & Daesh have recruited young muslim teenagers showing them fake evidence and corrupted their knowledge of religion and called them up to commit terrorism.
Talking about teenagers online privacy

Thanks for the A2A Phoenyx King!
Yes they do! I cannot stress that enough!!!!
Adults get privacy, amirite? Teenagers, especially after the age of fouteen or fifteen, are practically mini-adults.
A fifteen year old can work, has to pay social security on their paycheck, usually has a cellphone with social media on it, and in most states can drive a fucking car at this point.
A car is literally a weapon, you can kill people with it, whether it be intentional or accidental.

They deserve privacy.

If they want to talk to their boyfriend in private, let them do so and don’t jump to the conclusion that they’re just going to have sex.
Because, unless this particular child has a history of doing such reckless things, the parent/adult should have nothing to worry about.

Don’t snoop through your teen’s phone because you think they’re “sending nudes” or “sexting” because honestly, even though a lot of teens do it, a lot also don’t because they have good morals.
And they know that when sending/receiving nudes you’re actually committing three felonies (US law).

Teens, especially well behaved ones with good judgement, deserve their privacy.
So give it to them.

If you want the short answer, yes, teenagers deserve privacy.
They are nearing adulthood, and privacy is one of the main perks of independence, a phenomenon they will soon be introduced to.

However, keep in mind, I don’t think your parents are being completely unreasonable.
As Marlys Kutach so aptly pointed out in the comments, an emergency is not unfeasible.
Parents also fear their children might be doing inappropriate, even illegal things behind their backs, and they’ll do anything to make sure their children stay safe.

Your question says “will not let me lock my bedroom door when I’m in the bathroom”, and I’m going to assume you have your own bathroom connected to your bedroom.
If there’s anything physically private you need to do (changing, showering), do it in the bathroom.
If they won’t let you lock the bathroom door, that’s a problem.

If you’re not being disturbed in your room when doing things you consider “private”, I don’t really see a problem.
If your parents won’t leave you alone, I’d talk to them.
You deserve privacy, but only as much as necessary.

Good luck!

I am going to go against popular opinion, and say that not all teenagers deserve privacy.

Now, hear me out before you crucify me.

There is a lot of diversity between teenagers.
I know a lot of 13 year olds that drink alcohol, have sex with strangers and smoke.
At the same time, there are also teenagers that wouldn't dare take a leak without their parents permission.

While a lot of teenagers are more than capable of taking care of themselves, it is not all teens that are that way.

A lot of teenagers are better off with little to no privacy.
Either because they are suicidal or because they are involved in shit they shouldn’t be involved in.

Is it unfair in your case? Yes, it most definitely is.

Think about like this: If you have limited privacy, it is a little annoying.
But it might save your life, or stop you from getting on the wrong track.
It is most definitely necessary in a lot of situations.

Yes, of course!
Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.

I've always had a very simple policy when it comes to people (mainly my mother) looking through my phone or computer:
You can if you want, but when you find stuff you didn't want to find that's on you, I ain't losing sleep but you probably will.

I keep plenty of shocking things on my devices, some of it for no reason, some of it for very particular reasons.
If someone went through my phone they would cause themselves more problems than they caused me.
So far no one has tried it.

So I used Applock DoMobile.
I am using it from couple of month on my Xperia Z phone.
And if I want to know who tries and fails to get into your apps, It has just introduced the Intruder Selfie.
Other features are good like locking files, videos, photos, or harassment intercept etc.
No one can view my secrets.

You can take a look AppLock – Android Apps on Google Play

Depends on the Teenager
First, I hate the word deserve.
It’s loaded with all kinds of moralistic bull.
No one deserves anything, you’re not entitled to “get” anything because you do xyz or because you happen to be abc.

A Better Question – Do Teenagers Require Privacy ?
The answer is YES.
[1] [2]
Why ?
Because it’s an important part of your psycho-physiological development.
It’s training for when you’re an adult and need to be independent.
This is a crucial period for teenagers and this is when they develop their own self identities.

You’re slowly let go off and get to make your own choices.
You also have to face the consequences or rewards of those choices on your own.
That’s essential for becoming a healthy adult.

What’s Going On Here ?
Given you description, I’d hate to speculate as to your parents motives.
Giving them the benefit of the doubt, it doesn’t seem like there’s any malicious intent to deprive you of your freedom or maintain control over you.

If you’re the kind that likes to study without being interrupted, great.
If your parents are the kind that constantly interrupt you while you’re studying, then you may have a case for needing the doors locked.
But be warned, they may not see it that way.

That means, they be a little (or very) high handed with you.
Meaning ‘Do what we said, no questions’.
That’s not a healthy way of dealing with people but that’s life.
Try not to take it personally, most people have authority issues of some kind.

That being said, this is a great opportunity for you discuss this with them instead of just asking people over the internet.
It’s a good idea for you engage them in dialogue.

Good luck and hope this works out.

My 1st wife was Irish – from Clondalkin, Ireland.
And being 24 at that time, assuming that my Indian brains (I was born raised in UAE) was ready to accept anything and which knew everything – got married asap with her and then moved to Ireland to stay with her.

Little did I know what would await – which today I understand call as a massive “Cultural Shock.

Everyday I was subject to be made fun of for eating with my fingers (the majority of Indians still eat with their hands & fingers) to using water in the toilet after answering natures call.
They found it not only shocking but absolutely hilarious to the point of getting together in groups and mocking me of the fact that I ate with my fingers and that I used water to wash my behind.

Apparently – according to them, I came from a ‘backward country’ where we were still primitive like the apes and did what the uneducated and backward did.
In fact, questions like ‘So do you sit on a magic flying carpet and charm a cobra and do the ‘namaste’ to everyone you meet?’.
And if I tried explaining myself to them – they would bring up bollywood movies to make fun of me even more while trying to mimic the bollywood actors & actresses.

Given the fact that I had low-self-esteem at that time I honestly didn’t know how to react – I endured this bashing and bullying.
It didn’t even occur to me that this was an ignorant and racist behavior.
I just choose to ignore it.

However, there was one particular incident that did stand out in my mind more than anything else – and to this day – it still shocks me.

My ex-wife’s sister – let’s call her ‘Emily’ (since I do not wish to reveal her real name) had a rather strange moment which I witnessed.

It was Christmas day and everyone in Ireland were celebrating Christmas with their Guinness Beer and bottles of alcohol, sitting by the fire side and exchanging gifts and having a family time.
When I noticed Emily and her 5 children playing with 5 different men.
So I just casually asked my ex-wife who these men were.
To which, she casually replied – ‘Oh, these are her ex-boyfriends and the Father’s to each one of her babies’.

For a minute I thought I misunderstood what she had just told me – So I whispered to her – “err….
Each guy here is a Father of each of the baby here???” – She looked at me as if I was an idiot and said “Yeah….
but why you whispering?” – to which my ex-wife’s Father (who was an ex-Irish Military Officer chimed in) – “Why the hell you whispering like a girl? Speak like a man and speak openly in front of everyone – what is your question laddy?” – to which I very embarrassingly asked – “Err….
Each one of these boys here is the Father to her baby?”
Immediately, my ex-Father-in-Law blurted out – “Yeah, so what? What do you want us to do? Kill the babies because she is not married to anyone of them? These are children from god and a symbol of their love.
If she is pregnant and she had a baby – what do you want us to do? Kill them like how you Indians do if you are not married?”
So I very confusedly responded without trying to offend anyone “I mean, shouldn’t she be married to just one man and just have like one baby?” (big mistake!) to which all of a sudden EVERYONE in the room verbally bashed me on how pathetic and backward the Indian culture was, they brought up everything from Sati (the burning of women) to the dowry problems of India and yes, they couldn’t but help but make fun of me, my eating habits (eating with fingers) and using water to wash my behind.

I was extremely upset and insulted.
And when me and my ex-wife went home – I thought I was going to load all my anger and embarrassment on her.
Instead – she loaded all her anger out of me stating what an embarrassment I was and how backward my thinking, my culture and my lifestyle was.

In hindsight, today I understand what she meant and why she and everyone else did what they did and said what they said.
And guess what – they are not wrong.
They are right where they are.
And I was right where I was.

What do I mean by this?
It is called Cultural Differences.
And when you couple this with each person’s Upbringing – you get a million different ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’
For instance, how would you react if I told you that my last American girlfriend (who is a single mother) walks naked all around the house – that too in front of her 16 year old son – who also roams naked around the house (a behavior I found absolutely disturbing).
However, they both felt absolutely normal about this as she was a single mother who raised him since birth and they both were accustomed to seeing each other naked.
In fact – I do not know if this would shock you – but he would actually masturbate openly – with his room wide open without giving a damn who was watching.

When I did bring this point up – I was told that they were born and raised in a ‘free culture’ and they weren’t ‘narrow-minded’ like most Indians were.

I have many more strange experiences I have witnessed in my life.
However, the point I am trying to make is this.
For each person born and raised in each different culture, tradition, religion, country and lifestyle – what he or she may consider right may not be right in another culture, tradition, religion or country.
Which is why an Arab Muslim from Saudi Arabia may make it mandatory for his wife to be covered from head to toe in black with only her eyes visible to see (in some places – even that is covered with another cloth – and you would be surprised to know – these women consider it an honor and duty to do this), while on the other end of the spectrum, you would get women who don’t mind walking topless on the streets because they feel women are equal to men (free the nipple movement – remember?)
So now given that you understand where the foundation of my argument comes from – I want you to see two examples – and mind you – these are real life examples.

In United States you have the Make-A-Wish-Foundationa cause where you can wish for anything and this non-profit organization sets about giving children with life threatening diseases or conditions – a dying wish.

I have watched a few videos where children have wished for noble and heartwarming wishes like being with their WWE hero to going to Disneyland.
However, there have also been moments where I have seen what children have asked for and sat there in total disbelief.

I cannot recollect which show it was – but on this particular video a small girl wanted to buy herself all the toys in the world and Donald Trump was the person who made this girl’s wish come true.
He took her and her mother to a very expensive, very large toy store and she was allowed to take whatever she wanted.
And this girl ended up taking four trolleys of toys and gifts.

Now what was wrong with this you may ask?
Nothing is wrong.
But you feel strange when you watch another video of a dying child in Africa, who cannot walk or move or even breathe because his body is so weak because he hasn't eaten for days.
Not drank clean water for days.
And now drags his body – which is reduced to skin and bones – to a pump that villagers use to pump water – so that he can have a few drops of this life saving elixir.
And when the person looking after the dying child is asked – what would they want – all they ask for is a cup of rice or a few drops of water.

What a stark difference of what two dying children need.
One child needs four trolleys of over-priced toys to keep her happy.
While another child needs a cup of rice because they are dying.

When I look at this – I sit and wonder – what a difference cultures, traditions and lifestyle make.
To some people looking at the girl who receives four trolleys of overpriced toys is a ‘AWWWWW’ moment.
While to some others the dying child being given a cup of rice is a moment where tears pour out of their eyes.

So now coming to your question – should teenagers be given a room?
My answer to this question will depend on which culture, which tradition, which lifestyle and which upbringing we are talking about here.

If the person is born and raised in a simple conservative traditional family – then this is a luxury and an unnecessary evil.
Because the question will be asked – what do you have to hide? Why do you need a ‘private’ room? What is so great that you need a ‘private room’?
While on the other hand, someone born and raised in the modern lifestyle – this is a right, a moral responsibility and matter of self-respect.

Personally, I think each person will have a different viewpoint to this answer.
But if you were to ask me – if I had a teenage son and he asked me for ‘his rules’ and ‘his privileges’ – I would simply reply to him – “My house, My Rules.
The day you earn your own, have your own house and do your own thing – you live by your rules.
But as long as you live under me, under my room, under my earnings – I am the boss.
And if you do not like it – you are free to leave anytime you wish.
No hard feelings.
However, once you leave – do not think by default you can just walk in at anytime with your tail in between your legs.
My kindness, my love for you and my care is not my weakness and should never be disrespected.
So make sure you think 100 times before you walk out that door.
Because rights, privileges and wants have to be earned.
Not demanded.
And never given by default.
That too by a young man who hasn’t earned anything, done anything, contributed anything and doesn’t know what it takes to survive in the real world.
Earn your stripes and then respect & your privileges will be given

This what I believe is right – for me.

Loy Machedo
Make-A-Wish Foundation – Wikipedia

You deserve privacy but does that need to happen by locking your door? Is this a trust issue or something else (fear of self harm or something similar)?
As a parent of 3 little children I’m not sure what I would do exactly but I always have a concern about the safety of my children.
I would like to think that I will be able to trust them but safety is another matter and accidents happen.

My middle child went through a stage of locking her car door which terrified me because if I needed to stop and get her out in a hurry then I wouldn’t be able to or would waste time on her that I could use getting the other 2 out the other side of the car or through the front.

I might be scared that if they locked their door to their bedroom and something happened I wouldn’t be able to get to them on time.
I have a brain tumour and used to have seizures so if something like that happened (a seizure or fall) and I couldn’t get to my child I would be devastated.

If you are looking for privacy vs trust then a shut door should be sufficient in my opinion.

Everybody deserves privacy.
There isn't anyone on this planet that doesn't deserve privacy and they don't necessarily have to earn it.
Privacy is when you can reflect on your own thoughts and you can look back and think about things or you can think about stuff you want to do in the future or even make decisions on things that are important to you.
That's why it's called privacy.
And that's a personal right and it's not something anyone should ever tamper with.
To take someone's privacy away is like taking the person and sticking them in solitary confinement and punishing them because they have done something wrong.
How can you do something wrong when you are within your own private thoughts? Some people will say to my answer that I am wrong and that people, especially teenagers, should not have as much privacy as they are asking for because they get themselves in trouble.
How can someone determine whether a person is in trouble or not unless they ask him for their own private thoughts and get into things that they shouldn't? I know it all sounds so confusing but when you're talking about something like this it can get a bit controversial and it can also get very confusing.
But the end result still stands the same and I will never ever change the way that I feel about this because I know how it feels when someone strips you of your privacy and takes you to their own personal disgusting hell and tries to make it something that it's not.
So again I will answer your question with a strong and sound Constitution, every teenager, every person, every young person, every adult, every young adult, every older person, every senior citizen, and I must say every human being on this planet deserves privacy and that could never ever be compromised in any way shape or form.
But once again this is my opinion and this is something that I stand behind very strongly because again I know what it feels like when that is taken away.
I hope I've answered your question and I hope I have not in any way disrespected or offended you in your thinking or definition of this and you have a very nice day.

Not necessarily.

If a teenager is engaging in an activity that is harmful to you, or other people besides himself, then you should by all means — even if that means violating his privacy — deter him from engaging in it.

The teenager might deserve his privacy, but if what he does in his private is harmful to other people, then it is anyone’s right to infringe his privacy if it would lead to stopping the harmful activity.

But if the activity is harmful only to the teenager, and no one else, then it would depend on the specific situation, whether the teenager deserves his privacy or not.
(Yes, I am implying that teenagers participating in activities that do not harm other people sometimes need to have their privacy violated.
Like when you know that they are attempting, or are on the verge of attempting suicide.
This doesn’t just apply to teenagers.
It applies to everyone.

Yes, absolutely.
Privacy is a very normal and healthy part of any person’s development, especially teenagers.
I’m going to cut to the chase: when you’re studying, it doesn’t matter if you’re door is locked or not.
When it does matter is when you’re exploring your sexuality.
I strongly encourage you to have the privacy to practice sexual acts in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
This may be full sex or maybe just masturbation or anything in between.
Your parents should be glad that you’re in a safe environment as you do so (and not going behind their backs and perhaps making foolish decisions whilst being egged on by ‘friends’).

I have two suggestions for you.

1, speak with them openly about your concerns.
Ask them if you can have a mature conversation and then lay out your concerns, along with a few compromises that you might be happy to make (ie, always approach them if you have any sexual concerns, always use condoms, always introduce them to your girlfriend/boyfriend before you go up to your room).
Do some research first so that you can approach them with facts and full arguments.
Ask them for their side of the argument and consider their points fully.
If you feel more comfortable, you might also prefer to write them a letter or an email.

2, my second suggestion, if the first one fails, is to masturbate in your room at a time when you know that you’re parents are home and likely to walk in on you.
This will give them a hell of a lot of embarrassment and might make them reconsider their stance (at least they might start knocking first).
If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, just make it look like you were masturbating.
Pull your trousers down, lie on the bed and put your hand around your vagina/penis, so that when they walk in, they presume that you were masturbating.
It’ll at least give you a strong leg to stand on in your conversation with them.

It’s also worth noting that they might have legitimate concerns.
My mother always knocked on the door but refused to allow us locks because, if there’s a fire, it’s been known for people to forget how to unlock it in their confusion.
They might also be concerned that you fall/get hurt somehow and they wouldn’t be able to reach you.
Whatever their reasoning, try to consider it from their point of view as well as your own.

While it is sometimes difficult to believe, teenagers are human beings and deserve basic human rights.

A parent’s job is to help their child become a healthy, functional adult.
That requires giving them greater and greater rights and freedoms as they grow.
It also requires watching how they handle those things and adjusting as needed.
Doing it right is a very complex balancing act, and no one gets it just right all the time.

Your parents are putting these limits on you for one of two reasons.
Either it’s just how they think things should be (it’s how they were raised, or how they think others do it) or they have some fears, which may be totally unwarranted.

Your best chance at getting change is to be polite and respectful.
If you have some idea why they do it, try to address that.
If not, ask them.

Hello dear, how old are you? Are you a teenager or 18 years old?
You definitely need your privacy and you have a right to be a demand for it.
Please try to understand why the rule has been put up by asking .
They have to give you an answer or else you will have to take the decision in your own hands.

Is your bedroom connected to a balcony or another room that they need to use? If that is not the case and there is no need for keeping doors open, you will have to make your own choices
If there is no answer or they feel they need not answer than start locking doors quietly till they get it that you will do what you feel is your due.
They will knock and ask you to open the door and you will have to let them know that you will do it when you take a break from studies, or once you finish bathe and change.

You could also set up timings with them when your door will be locked and request not to disturb you.

If they answer you than speak to them and ask them to put away their fears and to trust you.
Let them know how their action makes you feel.
If they need assurance that you are studying then the report card will show them that.
Remember if you are showing a low grade in your report than that too can become a reason for them to keep a check on you.

You may make a demand that they too have to leave their bedroom doors unlocked as the same rule is to be applied to all in the family.

If they agree to that than it would mean that that is the way they have been brought up to think and are doing the same for you.
It also means that you will have to tell your mother why you need your privacy.

As a lady of the house she would know the umpteen reasons why a teenager needs privacy.
So your question still baffles me as to what context this rule could have been put up.

Yes, definitely.
Your parents want you to trust in their decisions, but they can’t trust you? If they don’t trust you enough for you to have your privacy, then, how can you trust them to take care of you, to know you’re being supported? If they argue they have the right to see everything in your life, then say you have the right to too.
Trust, as well as respect, is a two-way street.

It's very difficult to answer your question without background information.
Did this come on suddenly or have your parents always wa the doors unlocked? Have you have been lying, caught smoking or doing drugs, snuck out of your room or any other incident that requires them to increase their disciplinary tactics?
If this a relatively new request, you should sit one of your parents down and have a rational discussion re what prompted the rule.
I believe teenagers should have a privacy option, as long as, it isn't being used to hide things known to be frowned upon.

Yeah, of course! Even a fresh baby need it.

I can see this from both points of view.
As a parent in the event of something happening to you they wouldn't want to have to break the door down.
At the same time as a teenager it's not too much to expect a degree of privacy.
The simple solution is for parents to knock before entering the room of a teenager.
This should meet the needs of everyone concerned and maintain harmony.

Absolutely, they do.
Teenage years are where we start really discovering what we’re interested in and things we like.
I don’t mean to leave them alone exclusively, but they deserve a certain amount of privacy.
Girls are going through personal changes at that age, and they need to be able to be alone sometimes.
Sometimes they just need to be able to think without distractions.

Yes, but the limits are set by their parents.

There are laws that protect children in case of parent abuse and it doesn't seem to me this being the case.

Your phone gives you access to the internet.

Internet is the world with the illusion that anything bad may happen to you.
It is an illusion.

Once you will be of that age that allows you to go out at night and be on your own then your parents will give you full access to your phone.

YES! YES! A thousand times yes!!! (I’m 17)
Yeah, I’ll be honest.
I keep my door closed.
Since I was about 12 or 13, I’ve watch porn and masturbated.
The whole nine yards.
Teenagers NEED it! There are also other things that aren’t sexual that are reasons that teenagers need privacy.

I wouldn’t be able to live in a household that wouldn’t let me close my door.
That would be insane.

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