Do Quorans get paid by Quora if they get popular

Do Quorans get paid by Quora if they get popular?

Quora pays me exactly $0, and I expect they have a great incentive not to pay ever, where the nature of motivation is involved – because the dynamics of Q&A will be shifted towards clickbait-style and bot answers.
Personally, I’d imagine I’d be turned off if they paid me, because it would likely generate thoughts of far too low payment for the effort, and pro-bono always feels much more meaningful to Quorans in general – despite Quora being a for-profit company – not a non-profit route Wikipedia took.
That being said, I greatly appreciate the unique knowledge sharing mechanics of the platform and the lovely Patagonia jacket capitalism has to offer, since I never spend on clothes besides professional tailor made suits for interviews, thus saving me from the cold seawinds.

There are rare, indirect monetary rewards for a tiny fraction of Quorans.

Franklin Veaux and Dushka Zapata have gotten one sale each from me for books on Amazon – and I’m sure they’ve had more than one.
There are also those with blogs that run with ad revenue/subscription services (as Sabrina Deep mentioned – James Altucher has a huge following), or others that have seemingly made millions through deals i.
Gordon Miller.
Angel syndicates such as Terrence Yang might get leads to invest (I don’t think he expects it and not entirely sure if Terrence has, but he seems to have a decent investment style when it comes to the breadth of downside risks), as well as Cody Shirk.
I’d imagine lawyers, insurance agents, CPAs, marketers or SEO specialists etc might get business online as well.
I also believe some Quorans have a sizable Patreon page i.
Ali O.

Although I did not expect this, personally, I’ve made $250/hr (now $350/hr) indirectly for consultant services in cryptocurrency, as an advisory role, through inquiries on Quora.
My Quora habit has also cost me a lot of time and money because I just have to travel to get to the Top Writer meetup.
At least I’m in Texas, right between NY and CA, so I get a happy medium in terms of travel time.

To make money long-term, instead of thinking of direct monetary rewards, you ultimately have to provide value.
If you connect willing buyers to quality goods/services that provide more value than the sales price, then you will eventually make money.
If it’s 10x better than anything out there in the market, you’ll likely make lots of it.
What matters is to do it through the “right” means as a custodian of your sales, and enjoy the process – not necessarily the outcome.
You could structure your profile to allow the potential, but you should not expect returns.
And please don’t spam.
In fact, you’ll often set yourself up for disappointment if you do, because arguably, only a tiny fraction of Quora content/topics are worth the time to attempt effective monetization – and you may need a wide distribution to achieve it with no guarantee.

I’ll quote the words of Mc Kenna Walsh: “Quora is for people with too much time on their hands”

Yes they do ! & No,you can't have any of it !
Let that sink in for a moment while i grab my coffee:-)
Lets look at it this way….

See the difference between these ?
Another thought : Does Quora allow direct selling, marketing , merchandising or promotion from writers / authors ? NO
But if you observe closely ….
there are people / people owning companies
answering relentlessly on subjects like :
Over a period of time [Let's say hard work of 1- 2 years] when you and your answers become :
You have an audience , a base , a viewership and people who look upto you for inspiration, suggestions , life-advice and tons of questions.

How would anyone exploit this ?
Remember 2 points if you’d really wanna burn your fingers here and earn money
Azam Ilyas

I believe I have a Quora written record of patiently waiting for ;gigantic checks , stock options, limo arrivals and probably some kind of confetti , for a couple of years now
I am also on record as noting that brilliant entrepreneurs like Charlie Cheever realized I would do it for free lol
(You call it sucking up, I call it advanced bureaucratic sycophancy)
On the other hand this does give me the freedom to be responsible for my own content
Except for one brief intervention by the Quora fun police many months ago,
My self-aware Contrarian Has not been censored in anyway
That may not seem very amazing to you, but I invite you to look around the globe where these opportunities are not always available
And if Quora wasn't going to pay me, I naturally expected the universe to immediately provide some rapid easy and no doubt a barrel of laughs 38 year overnight success
I was pretty sure a thousand Answers would do it
No parade
Then I'm one of the top 500 of some unknown amount, Which I will hunt down somewhere to give me my even more glorious percentile! Lol
Now im Ready for instantaneous 38 year success
Didn't happen .
Instead of fame and fortune, I am answering questions on Quora about what it means to be on Quora
Working the financial angles even further
,a long time ago, i did get a reply on one of my emails to Quoraland where I said I would also accept being a highly overpaid senior project manager working at Quora
I actually got a reply that read something like- very politely -" that's very funny"
Which is exactly what you want to hear when you apply for a job <wink>
And then on the other hand went into a sincere answer about the kind of employees they needed were people who actually do something
That's a fair cop
Now if the person who wrote this question wanted to start making donations I will get that set up for you in a completely different system where people are lining up to have someone else give then money.
No really I will!
Finally how does one value ones art?
On the other hand, Some have said they liked what I wrote
A much smaller proportion has said that what I write is crap
Some humans have given me Priceless comments of friendship
That is certainly enough value for my work
All kinds of people have encouraged me here, all kinds of dialogs and I have learned a lot about all the subjects I'm interested in simply by writing here
Which I really appreciate
Enough of that
How does one value laying bare his soul on such important questions as what is the synonym of synonyms?
Certainly not by how valuable the answer is
For which I can only say Huzzah! Lol
So we can only measures quantity like How have Bevans miraculous answers increased the future value of the Quora Moguls ?
I'm prepared to do a complete audit on the value of the Bevan Audstone brand as associated with Quora comparative To current market knowledge and Over 20 years experience understanding of how to present.
Complex and detailed.
Plans to senior management On Why Quora should give me money
At your expense, of course
I'm confident a company of your qualities would want me to take my time and do it right LOL
I'm ready for my close up ; D
Bevan Audstone

Top writers do not get paid for writing on Quora.

They consider writing as their passion, and they don't write for money.
Quora is not a freelancing website, it's a platform created to share knowledge among people.

But they may have indirect benefit by writing on Quora, like Balaji Viswanathan (பாலாஜி விஸ்வநாதன்)(Top writer and most followed writer on Quora) had said in one of his interviews with Unacademy that he had got opportunity to meet famous scientist Richard Muller through Quora and also those who are working in his company Invento were also hired through Quora.

Here's the link of that video: An Interaction with Balaji Viswanathan (Most followed Writer on Quora.
com in World)

Not only he, but there are many people who are benefited from Quora and have gained knowledge which has helped them in their lives and whose value is much more than the money.

If Quora would have been a paid site, then it wouldn't have had such a huge number of people using it.
Since it's a free knowledge sharing platform many people have started writing answers on Quora.

Why yes we do! It is an interesting arrangement.
Quora simply lists how many likes and upvotes we get, multiplies them by the number of followers we have, then pays us nothing—directly.

The amount of goodwill it generates is stunning.
I have been offered free haircuts and lifetime passes for free swimming pool cleaning.
I average about three marriage proposals a week from bots.
When I stop at an intersection, wealthy people jump out of their cars and wash,wax, and detail my truck before the light changes.
I walk into restaurant after restaurant, only to hear “Your money’s no good here, Mr.
To be sure, they never serve me, but that comes with the territory.
I had to hire a personal assistant just to handle requests for interviews and lucrative appearances on game shows.
Alex Trebek even offered to place me into the Jeopardy Tournament Of Champions without having first played a game.
He said that he figured that if it wasn’t worth knowing, I would already know it.

When you are at this level in the universe that is Quora, you soon find you must decide whether to use your super powers for good or to lavishly feed your ego.
I long ago decided on that wise adage of Oscar Wilde: “I can resist anything but temptation”.

Where the hell do I come up with this s***?

Alas, no, Quora does not pay writers if they get popular.

The hundreds (out of 190,000,000 users) that have been selected as Top Writers are generally given a branded gift, such as a jacket or messenger bag, and are invited to two events hosted by Quora each year.
That's the extent of the compensation provided by Quora.

That doesn't mean that no one has ever been paid for their Quora writing.
It's not unheard of for companies to hire popular Quorans based off of their writing skills and social influence, or to employ Quorans to run a company account on the site.

But Quora does not do the paying, and users are not allowed to do things like sell products through Quora content in order to monetize their hobby.

Some do.
Dushka Zapata comes to mind.
Her popularity on Quora, I’m sure, contributes to drive sales to her e-books.
James Altucher is another one who, given his large pool of followers, gets financially rewarded with the promotion of his Altucher Confidential.
I, too, benefit in various forms off of my presence and activity in here.
Of course one couldn’t live off of their popularity on this site; but to some extent there is a return of investment, for many of us, from dedicating a lot of our time to contribute our knowledge and experience to Quora.

This is actually a really complex economic question.

The potential answer is “yes” because by being popular (anywhere) you are granted more respect and exposure which, if you are selling something, often can be used to generate interest and sales.
This is strong as well for affiliate marketers and the like who use the interest generated by their posts and links contained within their posts and offers of information to produce wealth.

So the answer isn’t a flat “no” even if the monetary nature of Quora isn’t directly lucrative.
I am certain that someone must be able to make some money here and have been able to, without the permission of Quora directly, advertised and furthered their own ambitions while generating a fanbase.

Currently the answer is No.

There used to be some kind of appreciation (Something like Coupons, etc.
) for the Top performers during it's early days (As far as I remember) but currently it's not.

But, having said that, we learn a lot from Quora everyday.
If you follow gems, you'd have bunch of knowledge coming from their posts which resolves one's query.
Knowledge is the big time investment; everyone makes effective use of it sooner or later in their lives.

Apart from this, one can also promote himself or his Products/Services after creating a successful list (Subscriber base) which his contents.

Let's make effective use of our previous time that we invest here to achieve our dreams.

Happy Learning!
Hope this answers your question!

Do large Quorans get paid?
Yes some of them do get paid and have received wealth, swaths amount of wealth from interaction from Quora not necessarily from Quora itself but they helped with providing another platform for another form of communication, I heard some entrepreneurial type achieved a whopping 20 deals to get the clients upstart businesses or bright ideas up and running to be profitable, fairly easy to guess who that is.

I know another guy who has a premium service like a mentoring session done over Skype or something similar to conduct a video conference imparting advice specific to you and how to personally brand yourself, he most likely makes money too indirectly with the help of Quora to use as a platform so yes the ‘large’ Quorans some of them probably get a monetary reward by being very proactive in and out of Quora.

I got this in my email on Monday.

Let’s see how much money I got.

Yeah, Quorans don’t get paid.
I wish I got paid for writing the crap I write, but I unfortunately don’t.
I guess that’s a good thing— you know people aren’t motivated by money to write well on here.

As Madeleine Schnieders notes, the Quora Partner Program (QPP) launched in the spring of 2018 does pay some small amount to people who write good questions that attract good answers and good traffic to view ads on Quora.
Being popular on Quora might increase the odds of your questions being seen and answered by the right people, but I believe some virtually unknown Quorans have asked good questions that were answered by people who were popular, and have made money as a result.

Yes and no.
I’m not popular (I have like 5 followers) but a couple days ago I got an email that asked me if I wanted to be part of the Quora Partner Program.
I said yes.
All you have to do is ask questions on Quora, and then you get paid.
Well… not a lot.
For some answers I have $0 and for others I earn around 2 cents.
Quora isn’t really for those looking to earn money.
All Quora is for is to help people get more knowledge.

Yes, with views, upvotes and followers.

These are the golden tickets of quora:
Why no money?
“There’s plenty of money out there.
They print more every day.
Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money.
Are you a dummy?”

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