Do great writers like their writing

Do great writers like their writing?

It is up to the fans to use the word great, the writer himself (and I can think of, and have met, many) who use the word to describe themselves are pompous asses.
I toil at what I do, and have been lucky enough to be continually published since 1986, be reprinted in eight languages, and make a meager living from it.

I'll often write something on a Sunday night and hate it on a Monday morning.
I mentioned this on a panel at a convention in Nashville decades ago, and Mike Arnzen, a very good writer should one want to use the Google machine on his name, turned to me and said something I never had thought of before.

Sunday night you were WRITING it.
Monday morning, you were READING it.
It was a facepalm moment for me.

To better answer your question, it doesn't matter if most writers like their writing.
It has to be enough for a writer to be content with that they have written and then move on to the next story or novel.
Thanks for the A2A.

Given a chance, a writer would always keep refining his work.
He would read and re-read and constantly make changes to his or her manuscript with an intention to make it better.
Honestly, I’m not sure if great writers like their writing or not, but what I can say for sure is they’re never satisfied.
There’s always this urge inside them to better their work.

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