Digital Storytelling What are the qualities of a great story

Digital Storytelling: What are the qualities of a great story?

The real truth is that it depends on who you’re talking to.

Look at ModCloth, for example:
Their story is tailored to their trendy, thrifty customers.

When you’re telling your story, focus on who you want to hear it, and the story will write itself.

Some bullet points you can speak to:
You can read more about brand storytelling on my blog:

Let me answer this question using an excerpt from blog, titled: An Ultimate Guide to Visual Storytelling for App UI/UX design:-
Hope you find it useful!

If you want to create a compelling copy, my personal advice would be to define what you want to achieve with the story that you tell? Which emotions do you want your readers to feel? What do you want them to experience while reading?
Your story has to be connected with emotions, something that a reader can relate to.
If you want to deserve trust from a web designer or developer, share your own experience with a project, make a selection of the best apps for web professionals.
Show them that you are an expert in your field and that you understand all the ups and downs of the industry.

Only then they will have a loyalty to you.
Because they will know that you’ve been there and experienced the same troubles as they had.
Therefore, you can offer the best product/service that can solve their current problem.

See, the first thing that your reader has to feel is an attachment.
No matter which emotions will follow next.
Whether you’ve published an amusing post or the one that they will hate after reading, your copy has to touch the strings of their soul.
Roughly speaking, this is the checkpoint of a storytelling that works.

More helpful tips and tricks on how to involve a reader into your story can be found in this eBook.

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Storytelling is something that is close to our hearts.
We’ve been hearing fables and tales since our childhood.
We’ve heard our elders tell us stories from the days gone by.
As technology evolved, our storytelling mediums have adapted accordingly.

However, the crux of a good story in any format remains the same.
The fundamental purpose of a good story, acquired and understood are:
Joseph Campbell gives another view on the elements of a good story.
You can read it on 12 Step Hero’s Journey.

We use storytelling for several purposes, mainly to:
All this said, we need to remember what separates our story from the others.

There are a million stories in the world.
Each of them is available across several channels.
In the current sea of stories a reader’s attention is 8 seconds for written word and 30 seconds for any visual story.
You need to recognise your brand/ personal story.

There is one thing that will be your USP.
That is your leverage for everything.

This answer was written by Aarzu Sadana, Community Manager at Grok Communications – India's first dedicated storytelling agency.

Storytelling like McDonald
McDonald's parodies Jony Ive Apple design videos in promo for 'the STRAW'
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One of the important qualities of any story is to enhance the imagination of a reader, i.
take the readers somewhere else and make them visualise those things.
All this can be done through its content.
A story is great because of its content and if you get this correct then there is no looking back.
To know how to make your story digitally ready and more, I found this video really helpful.

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